5 Minutes On - The spy game – China's tactics, the threat to the UK and how we respond - BBC Sounds

Christine Lee and MI5. A rare warning and what it says about Chinese influence in the UK.

1/17/2022 9:00:00 PM

China's tactics, the threat to the UK and how the UK will likely respond BBC 5 Minutes On Christine Lee, MI5 and the rare warning about Chinese influence in the UK

Christine Lee and MI5. A rare warning and what it says about Chinese influence in the UK.

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POV: This cowboy falls out of the sky with a double-barreled shotgun pointed at you. What do you do?

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1 million chinese living in London How you can stop that ? :) fukchina Maybe Boris throw a party :) I feel more 'threatened' by my OWN fkg Government! FAR more. If the BBC continues to pimp for the Tory party, you deserve all that's coming your way. The evidence of British threats to the world is still in the British Museum, yet the British turn a blind eye and accuse China of threatening the UK

Was Christine Lee at Cop 26? This is taken from a BBC news clip

Harry fears for his family's safety in UK after being ‘chased by photographers'Prince Harry has delayed his return to the UK with his family as the Duke wants to ensure they have proper protection when they do visit Where’s the video of this allegation? I want evidence of the hoard of photogs chasing and harassing them. Without proof, I’ll continue to think it’s all a delusion swimming around his broken mind! Where is the documentation of being chased? Funny not one shot of him made the papers in any country. If the Queen does not do something about this to help, then Prince Charles owes it as his fatherly duty to step in and protect his son Prince Harry, his wife and grand children. Anything less would be a blatant act of discrimination. Not sure if Diana would ever forgive such act.

Prince Harry files claim against Home Office over police protection in UKThe duke wants to fund the security himself rather than let taxpayers pay, his lawyer said LostThePlot Good man!

‘They were so ugly’ Sir Mick Jagger's vicious rant about ‘dreadful’ UK groupies resurfacesSIR MICK JAGGER once whined about his various groupies in the early Rolling Stones days, who he offensively described as 'ugly, dreadful and northern'. Interesting. Has he looked in a mirror. Pot calling the kettle black. What a pretty face he has.🤮

Harry 'fears family not safe in UK' as he files claim over police protectionLawyers said he wants to bring his son and daughter to the UK but he does not think it will be safe to do so without police protection. Then don’t come here. Simple. He ain’t wrong! Nobody is safe in the UK if someone does not like them. Police in the UK are not interested and cannot protect anyone.

Covid cases in parts of the UK hit plateau as Europe cases soarCovid cases in parts of the UK appear to be plateauing, according to a senior Government health adviser with infections falling in London, the southeast and Eastern England - while the number of new daily cases reported in the UK fell again to just under eighty two thousand. MinnieStephC4 Showing once again what a good result Boris, who has not shirked being up-front, almost every day for 2yrs together with his team has achieved. MinnieStephC4 But as they're not doing PCR testing.. MinnieStephC4 If we were still testing the same way as last week the infection rates would be as high if not higher than in Europe.

Teenagers arrested in UK over Texas synagogue siege | First ThingUK counter-terrorism police detain teenagers in Manchester and suspect named as Briton Malik Faisal Akram. Plus, Lego sued over Queer Eye toy jacket