36 of the best board games to get stuck into

But you have to promise to play fair. Okay?

6/21/2021 11:04:00 PM

36 of the best board games to get stuck into, now we can see friends again

But you have to promise to play fair. Okay?

How to play: Grab your family and friends for this hilarious game which sees you complete outrageous tasks that are split into six categories, such as kitchen tasks and lab tasks. There’s also a secret task category that challenges players do things like 'snort gently every time you laugh' without being rumbled by your opponents. Taking it in turns to be The Taskmaster, you pick a card from pile and read it out for the rest of the players to attempt. Tasks include things like ‘present the Taskmaster with something sticky’ to ‘perform the best dance to a mobile ring tone’. The person who performs the task the best, gets the most points. Designed for 3+ players. Best. Game. Ever.

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9Wordsmithery - Best family board games 2021Clarendon Gamesshop nowHow to play: Ok, so this one sounds like it's going to be pretty easy but it's actually pretty hard. Seriously hard, in fact (unless you are a former spelling bee champ). You have to guess the meaning of words like tendentious, egregious, cornucopia, and salubrious. But, to make things a little less tricky, you

do get three possible definitions to choose from. The first team to ten points wins. Read more: Cosmopolitan UK »

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