18 Books by Black British Writers to Read Now

6/11/2020 8:01:00 PM

From stories about love and climate change to queer literary debuts

From stories about love and climate change to queer literary debuts

Layla Haidrani details 18 books by some of the most exciting new black voices in the world of British literature

While the publishing world still has a long way to go, there’s been a whole host of new black voices and debut authors joining the ranks of more seasoned black writers like Courttia Newland, Musa Okwonga and Jeffrey Boakye in recent years.Stylist Loves Rattan furniture is the way to go if you want an effortlessly chic, bohemian look for your home.June 5, 2020 For Black people there is an added advantage, that we can learn about our history and culture through books by Black authors.Halloween costume.

Though these new voices touch on race, above all they celebrate and showcase the diversity of the black experience.From stories about love and climate change to queer literary debuts and a satirical guide on how to survive in the workplace, here are 18 must-reads by black British authors to add to your reading list.Rattan furniture is where it’s at.1.And to further that end, here are my recommendations for key books by Black authors that may not yet be on your reading lists, but should be.by Paul Mendez (lead image) This queer literary debut is a visceral and emotionally searing tale touching on fatherhood, freedom, love and loss across generations.Look at the hashtag #rattanfurniture (which currently has 133k posts on Instagram) or take a scroll through some of our and you’ll see that natural furnishings are big news, evoking a bright and beachy feel.Norman, a Jamaican immigrant, settles in the Black Country in the late 1950s and battles racism, disability and personal conflict.According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary , Chola is often used as an offensive term.

At the turn of the millennium, 19-year-old Jesse arrives in London and turns to sex work to rebel against his religious upbringing.Mix with big, lush green plants and different shades of terracotta and burnt orange accenting accessories to complete the look.The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett SHOP NOW.A writer to watch, Mendez writes exquisitely on longing, lust and the desire to forge connections.The Private Joys of Nnenna Maloney by Okechukwu Nzelu.

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You know, once entities like yours stop saying “black writers,black fashion designers,black creatives,” maybe you’ll see the irony in your words. Never does one say “white designers,white writers,white creatives”. EndRacismNow

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