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Anxiety Quotes, Quotes On Anxiety

18 anxiety quotes that will help to calm you

18 anxiety quotes that will help to calm you


18 anxiety quotes that will help to calm you

Anxiety quotes can be a helpful way to put fears into perspective. Read these for a reminder that your overthinking and compulsive worrying won't last forever

Anxiety quotes can be a helpful way to put your fears into perspective. Before experiencing anxiety, you might have dismissed positive affirmation quotes as cheesy and pointless, but if you find your anxieties are leaving you feeling mentally vulnerability, it can be helpful to turn to these quotes for the reminder you need that this period of incessant overthinking and compulsive worrying

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

Home owners up to 18% better off a month than rentersThe gap is biggest in London and smallest in Yorkshire and the Humber. The amount of people that pay high rents, for small rooms in any part of England and the almost-impossible way to find a decent house to buy (not even mentioning to get a mortgage), is something the government should look into. It’s actually costing me to be poor

Afghanistan war: Taliban-US truce countdown begins in bid to end 18-year conflictThere will be a week-long 'reduction of violence' before a planned agreement is signed in Doha, Qatar. ChavaStacy Most media are reporting simply that an agreement will be signed in week. SkyNews has a history of publishing inaccurate stories fed to it by 'sources' to cover upcoming political surprises. Smart money says the SkyNews story is to cover for some escalation in Afghanistan soon. ChavaStacy In 2009, 8 years after the invasion, more than half of Afghanis still supported the Taliban. This led to a massive covert effort to 'sanitize' statistics and portray the Taliban as unpopular.

18 work memes that will make you go 'YEP'*Sends to work wife immediately*

Just 18 mouth watering photos of Nutella pancakes to get you ready for Pancake DayPSA: Pancake Day is next month!

A beginner\u2019s guide to Tapping, a self-help tool to manage anxietyTapping, or EFT (emotional freedom techniques), is used to release negative emotions

'I thought a sip of wine would kill me': the debilitating reality of health anxietyDoctor Google is not an actual doctor, but it's hard to remember that sometimes.

China outraged after Brazil minister suggests Covid-19 is part of 'plan for world domination'

Twitter chief to donate quarter of his fortune to coronavirus fight

Donald Trump blames WHO for dire situation in the US, threatens to pull funding – video

Hydroxychloroquine: how an unproven drug became Trump’s coronavirus miracle cure

Plasma from coronavirus survivors found to help severely ill patients

China reports zero daily deaths from coronavirus for the first time since January

Donald Trump 'lost $1bn in a month' from coronavirus lockdown

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