11 ridiculous things QAnon followers have actually believed

3/5/2021 12:09:00 PM

11 ridiculous things QAnon followers have actually believed

.Obviously, none of this is actually going to happen and the March theory will soon be added to a long list of failed predictions in the conspiracy theory’s history.However, failed predictions haven’t stopped QAnon followers from believing in the past and they’re unlikely to now.

You can find a guide below to some of the most ridiculous beliefs that have come from QAnon in recent years… (and it goes without saying that none of this stuff is even remotely true...)1. Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros and more were planning a coup against Trump

A central belief of QAnon is that there is a secret cabal of Satan-worshipping paedophiles which was running a global child sex-trafficking ring and attempting to take downDonald Trump’s presidency.Many public figures have been attached to this baseless theory but among the most popular are Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and billionaire investor George Soros. There is literally no evidence to support any of this. headtopics.com

2. The Mueller investigation was actually a counter-coup led by TrumpYou would think that the Mueller investigation into Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia would be used as evidence of an attempt to take down the then-president.However, in QAnon-lore, Mueller was actually working secretly with Trump, constructing an elaborate cover story for an investigation into high-profile paedophiles.

Of course, when the final report turned out to be a damp squib, their attention drifted elsewhere.3. The"Storm" would take place on 20 January 2021, preventing Biden’s inaugurationThe Storm - based on a cryptic comment by Trump describing a meeting with US military leaders as “the calm before the storm” - is a key part of the QAnon theory.

It is the name of a supposedly imminent event in which thousands of alleged child-eating paedophiles will be arrested and imprisoned.After Trump lost the 2020 election, followers started to believe that Biden’s inauguration would be the day of the mass arrests and Trump would be sworn in as president again.

4. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey will be forced to resignOn various occasions, QAnon supporters have claimed that Mark Zuckerberg would have to resign from Facebook and flee the US, and Jack Dorsey would be forced to resign from Twitter. headtopics.com

However, as of March 2021, both men are still CEO of their respective companies.5. Industrial bleach can be used as a ‘miracle cure’ for Covid-19During the first weeks of the pandemic last year, QAnon supporters encouraged people to drink MMS (“Miracle Mineral Solution”) - an industrial bleach that has been falsely touted as a cure for everything from HIV and cancer to autism. Trump infamously touted a similar belief just weeks into the

Covid pandemic.The Food and Drug Administration has repeatedly warned people against drinking MMS, warning it could cause “acute liver failure”.See also: a baseless conspiracy theory that Bill Gates is planning to use the pandemic to microchip Americans...

6. Pope Francis was arrested on felony chargesIn January 2020, a fake article shared by QAnon supporters falsely claimed that Pope Francis had been arrested in connection with an “80-count indictment of charges”, including possession of child pornography, human trafficking and incest.

Of course, the Pope has not been arrested, he has not faced any charges and he has repeatedly appeared in public since January…7. North Korea’s Kim Jong-un was installed as a puppet leader by the CIAAccording to a2018 Vice article, QAnon followers believe Kim Jong-un was installed by the US secret service as a puppet leader in North Korea, designed to keep the world in fear of nuclear war. headtopics.com

In short, the theory goes that the evil cabal which controls the world needed a constant threat to maintain their power so formed a new nation (North Korea) and put in place the Kim family as its rulers.8. Germany’s Angela Merkel is secretly Adolf Hitler’s granddaughter…

QAnon has become a sort of “big tent conspiracy theory” which pulls in ideas from other previously established groups.For example, one somewhat tangential part of the conspiracy apparently involves German chancellor Angela Merkel being Adolf Hitler’s granddaughter - or in some cases his daughter...

A piece of so-called “evidence” for this theory is a photograph of Hitler with a young girl which waspublished in 1937.Some conspiracy theorists falsely claim this girl is Merkel, despite her being born in 1954 - 17 years after the picture was taken and nine years after Hitler killed himself.

9. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was replaced by a body double before her deathFormer Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died shortly before the presidential election, apparently died a year earlier than reported and her public appearances in 2020 involved a body double,

according to some QAnon posters.This supposed cover-up was apparently done to prevent Trump from choosing the next Supreme Court Justice - although of course, he did that anyway when she died...10. JFK Jr is still aliveOne of the strangest parts of QAnon-lore is the belief that John F Kennedy Jr, the son of President John F Kennedy, did not die in a plane crash in 1999 and is still alive.

Some followers believed thatKennedy Jr was going to be announced as Trump’s running mate for the 2020 election, replacing Mike Pence.There have been various times when JFK Jr was expected to return from hiding - such as Trump’s 4th July rally in 2019 and an October 2020 MAGA rally in Dallas - but, as you may have guessed, it never came to pass.

11. Biden is QIt takes a special kind of insanity for something to be considered a fringe theory within QAnon but one idea that has been thrown around since Biden’s election victory last year is that Biden is in fact Q - the mysterious figure leaking information about Trump’s battle against the cabal.

According to the Australian website, one version of the theory is that Biden is actually JFK Jr wearing a CGI mask, as JFK Jr has sometimes been guessed as the true identity of Q. Read more: The Independent »

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A manager with so much ambition goals towards his investors, a man with love and care for others welfare....you’re magnificent when it comes to investment sir gigsfrid That Trump was s good president? Remember this one? “Trump is a Russian spy who fixed the 2016 presidential election with Facebook memes so he could get rich renting hotel rooms to secret service agents” Wait, that wasn’t QAnon, that was JakeTapper

Only 11 stupid things Or 11 bats%t crazy stuff 12- Trump is intelligent What The Independent followers have actually believed: Put it this way, if the president Biden and his party were in total control, and Q is just pushing conspiracy’s, they would feel no need to constantly demonise Q, they wouldn’t bother to attack it, unless they are terrified that Q is real and what they say is coming to fruition

the legend of The Corporation replacing the dejure republic is not because of the act of 1871 - that's a strawman debunk but everything else seems ok technically, you didn't *debunk* that Biden is a malfunctioning robot with human skin but my unconscious bias is good on that one That Trump is their messiah?

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