'100 invited' to Downing Street garden lockdown drinks

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'It is not surprising to me that some people be might having a drink after work, having a party is a completely different thing.' Conservative MP Philip Dunne on the alleged Downing Street garden party Newsnight

You could only meet one other person from another household outdoors, with advice to remain 2m apart

"At the time, everyone would have known that going to a party was wrong, so how can those running the country have thought it was OK?" she asked. Separately last month, the Guardian published a photograph taken on 15 May 2020 - five days before the drinks took place - showing the prime minister, his wife and 17 staff members

Mr Case stepped down after suggestions one of the parties had happened in his own office and the investigation was passed to Sue Gray, another senior civil servant.


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Emmabarnett Well Dunne Emmabarnett brilliant interview of yet another of the ToryCorruption Enough JohnsonOutNow ToriesPartiedWhilePeopleDied

The consequences being an investigation by Boris Johnson or someone else who was implicated. Imagine our surprise when they discover no wrong doing.


Please tell him it was illegal

Nobody I repeat NOBODY who has been hospitalised by covid has thrown a fcuking Bring Your Own Booze party for 100 people straight afterwards at their house or work. As I said at the beginning...HE NEVER HAD COVID...it's another fcuking LIE. BorisJohnsonOut BorisResign

' It is not surprising that Tories casually break the law and expect to get away with it'. I agree, not suprising at all.

Is there no limit to the extent to which Tory MPs are willing to debase themselves?

Trestle tables and food, BYOB. Definitely not a party! FFS

EmmaBarnett one of the best political interviewers the BBC has. Never afraid to ask the questions. I still miss you on bbc5live. Reckon you'd be a good replacement for Marr on Sunday mornings BBC BBCPolitics. Thank you.

In EU we have find out what it means if you have to deal with a serial liar. 🇬🇧 people and 🇬🇧 members in parliament are used to it. But we will never forget all the lies spread by him about EU and Europe. You remember Kipper gate. He never apologized for it. CommonsSpeaker


Judithrhion People did NOT drink in the office after work during lockdown! Philip Dunne knows that

When in a hole, stop digging

What did he do wrong because it’s obvious that someone at the top of the food chain doesn’t like him. Might have felt sorry for him but he defended the indefensible.

Those that knew of this at the time and said nothing are shameful. People have short memories and forget how fearful many were at the time. The time gap between the party and reporting of it lessens the magnitude of this.

Phillip Dunne4Ludlow trying the “No.10 workers we’re working incredibly hard, under stress” excuse. Umm so we’re ICU workers, teachers, shop workers et al. We didn’t have garden parties!

Eton, Keble...

Another day, another grubby scandal. It’s one after another and it’s difficult to keep up with them. The worst PM in history ~ some know this and are so angry, some know this and don’t care.

JimSpim enjoy

If this is your MP, he's got to go at the next election.

Even the True Blues at ConservativeLud must have winced to hear Dunne4Ludlow blithely accept that BorisJohnson can have more than 40 👀 staff in his garden for a BYOD shindig - at a time when *ordinary people* were forbidden to meet more than one other person outdoors. 🤷‍♂️


How many civil service departments allow alcohol to be drunk on premises? Fine a works night out to a restaurant or function room, but actually drinking on premises where you work is something I thought had been stopped for all civil service departments.

We had to turn it off. The guy was unbelievable.

Emmabarnett Go Emma !

I think this shows the basic lack of moral compass that now exists throughout the conservative party, as he tries to deflect & make excuses ASollowayUK


Changing the narrative They were really busy and worked hard Nobody else did 🤷🏻‍♂️

They're just doubling down now.

What is this obsession with having a drink after work? I had a stressful job abd all I wanted to do at tghe end of the day was go home. Questions need to be asked about the culture of always opening a bottle - not a good example

Love to hear what the edge hill unviersity student fined a fixed penalty of £10,000 for having party thinks SkyNews follow up. More interested in what they think than another MP in the same party

We were not allowed to

While Dunne4Ludlow defends these drinks parties, I’d like him to know that at the exact time of that lockdown I was unable to comfort my own sister as she held a funeral for her husband who died with Covid, and also couldn’t attend the funeral of a close friend of 45 years 😢😖

Did you have a boozy office party after work during the first lockdown?

Disgraceful. My MP Dunne4Ludlow obfuscating & prevaricating trying to defend the indefensible Def someone who’s saying I’m buggered if I’m going to be around after the next GE. At least 100 people have known of this all along. ToriesOut JohnsonOut

Of course he isn't surprised by people having a drink after work, unlike the rest of us his workplace has taxpayer subsidised booze on-site

Who was that guy? Outrageous!

Boris Johnson and the conservatives are criminally incompetent. He should be arrested and charged, then removed from his post and a general election called

Oh mate.

Well done Emma. They need to be held to account and Boris Johnson needs to go. One rule for them one rule for everyone else. How about all the NHS staff who wanted to have a drink with their friends but weren't allowed? BorisJohnsonMustGo BorisOut ToryLies ToryCorruption

Pathetic and embarrassing. 'Stop asking me questions about things I haven't prepared for!'.

I work in a brewery. The area I worked in split into two teams. One worked one week and other the next to stop COVID effecting the whole team. Didn't see some of my colleagues for months. We was advised to go home if work and cleaning complete. No after work drinky poo's.

We weren’t in offices! We were all told to work from home if we could, which the majority of office workers could and did. Our drinks with colleagues and friends and family were all done over Zoom!

FFS what do we need to wait for? When are gutless Tory MPs going to come out and demand Johnson resigns ?

Defending the indefensible.

This oik hardly looks an expert on parties. If he did wangle an invite, he's the creep propping up the drinks table you'd be trying to avoid.

Dunne4Ludlow here, desperately trying to defend the indefensible. These people are willing to prostitute themselves hoping that the continued patronage of Johnson will secure their own political futures. Shameful. JohnsonOut

Every single journalist should be grilling every single Tory MP with the same rigour displayed here by Emmabarnett. Never, ever let them get away with their evasive bullshit.

Here we have the Tories... arrogant, disconnected from reality and very much the poison in the bloodstream of the UK.

After this two conservative councillors in Dunne4Ludlow constituency tell LBC we want answers from our MP .

If my boss put me in that position I’d be writing a letter to my 1922 committee!

Newsnight No one else was allowed a drink after work.

23000 majority and he's not confident enough to call out wrong doing at No10 , oh dear panic setting in.



He didn’t say ‘all lies from the gutter press’ but may as well have done.

They really need to stop using the argument that they worked hard, it was the toughest of times, lots of people did this etc. a governemt must be above scrutiny to be trustworthy and to function properly.

Un-fucking-believable. Corrupt, every last one of them.

Any MP being ordered to defend Johnson atm will no doubt have read the Matthew Parris piece on the way Johnson consumes others careers. Who ever this one is, this is what he’ll be remembered for.

There's been something in the water in Shropshire. Or their voters haven't minded electing Cons MPs who take the piss.

What he said is utterly incomprehensible. How dare you

It was clearly against the rules the government set. Breaking them is a resigning matter. As is lying about it to Parliament.

Desperate stuff.


Ok Boris just had a drink, all the others had a party 🤣🤣🤣🤣

This government are gaslighting the UK; deliberately and systematically feeding us false narrative that leads us to question what we know to be true and making it difficult to see the truth. ToryLiars EnoughIsEnough JohnsonOut

You are aware it’s not alleged, of course you are.

The Met Police will treat this just like the Cummings affair and clear Boozo. It helps to have Oxbridge Chums in charge.

It's not the same thing , no. It was still ALSO against the rules at the time, and should ALSO be a resigning matter

Tory MP says it’s okay to break the law, knock yourselves out people.

I want to marry Emma.

Johnson is going to topple this house of cards🤞

More of Emmabarnett please. Or she could do an 'effective political interviewing course' for her peers who too often freeze at the first sniff of bullshit.

Hes embarrassing, the government is embarrassing...the electorate are embarrassing for elections these fools

Live demonstration of the faustian dilemma facing every Tory MP. Johnson is finished .Dunne4ludlow showed the toxic implications if an MP ‘tries’ to justify Johnson . They will ONLY survive with constituents if they now desert him . Its over . Thank god

Tory book of excuses..

Live demonstration of the faustian dilemma facing every Tory MP. Johnson is finished .Dunne showed the toxic implications if an MP ‘tries’ to justify Johnson . They will ONLY survive with constituents if they now desert him . Its over . Thank god .

We're in hell

It makes me SICK that these elected MPs find it so hard to spot and/or admit they understand right from wrong

Eton does what Eton must.

lewis_goodall The Lady is Brilliant with this Questioning👏👏👏

The 40% proof the 20 May 2020 10DowningStreet piss up went ahead will be when BorsiJohnson make a claim that he didn't organise it.

Hi Tory spokesperson what do you think of your glass of water? Well not sure enough evidence to say it is water let’s wait for an enquiry rather than speculate, but the public drink water don’t they ?

leader in living memory, makes Tony Blair look like Churchill!!!!

WTF 🤦🏻‍♀️

The Tory Party must be in some sort of 'Alice in Wonderland' mode, shutting their eyes to this man leading them and thinking the public will forget when election time comes. It is madness and will lead to electoral suicide. The worst leader in living memory, makes Tony

The queen like many bereaved spouses and families sat alone after the passing of their loved ones while Johnson was having a jolly. Over 150k means nothing to him and his govt. He might as well have been dancing on their graves.

Their go to line is going to be 'let's see what the investigation says' because they know, as well as we do, it'll tickle their wrists for acting 'unwisely' (😉😉) and they'll get away with it again. Elite protecting the elite. Nothing will come from this.

Sorry my Nan couldn’t make Newsnight at the last minute so they had to drag this Philip guy on instead.

Nasty party from front to back bench.

“Three months after the most intensive crisis management in peacetime”! That’ll be when the PM dodged 5 Cobra meetings. Dunne4Ludlow, you did v well on Newsnight but not nearly well enough. Because you knew it was indefensible. Country before Party, surely?

Another one dragging himself down trying to defend the indefensible, cant they see how they come across, pathetic

I’m not one bit surprised. Those who couldn’t see through the bullsh*t being peddled at daily briefings, were too lazy to ask questions and followed the instructions religiously have no right to feel bitter and wronged. Astonishingly, this sheepish behaviour continues even today

Thick as thieves

Dunne4Ludlow Nonsense. You need to reacquaint yourself with the restrictions that were in force on 20th May 2020! Johnson & other cabinet chums have been lying & taking the mickey time after time while people across the country made very real sacrifices. 😡

A real Bring Your Own Bollocks interview.

Tactical voting needs to happen in any election to ensure the mob of baffons are voted out. Their behaviour then and now is deplorable , angering and sums up everything wrong with the UK: 'some animals are more equal than others!'

They got be kicked then out of there seats?


What is this drinking in the office shit?

No matter if you put a suit on it, the likes of Philip Dunne are just different variations of coagulated heaps of the manure spewed out by places like Eton on a yearly basis, where the privileged send their demon spawn to have any traces of humanity wiped from them.

Offices were shut!! Saying won’t be surprised if we had a drink after work at work…we weren’t allowed to. They have no defence as it’s indefensible.

He mentions it being ok for people to have a drink in the office after work. 1. We were in lockdown. Offices were closed & people were told to work from home 2. For those offices still open, how many employers allow alcohol to be consumed on premises? (Even if its 'after hours')

If I were a Conservative MP I would be thinking there’s a better hill to die on than saving Johnson’s worthless skin. 🙄

Somebody call the TheRAC_UK ... there's been a carcrash on Newsnight.

Educated from the proceeds of prostitution, Emma Barnett does her best to give the Tories a get-out: 'Is the email doctored?' Switch off the BBC, it doesn't inform, it acts in the interests of the government not the public. We're all being taken for fools by both govt and media.


I wonder why he doesn't want an investigation 👀🙄

lewis_goodall The measure should not be how surprising it is but whether it was legal.

20yrs ago I worked for a co where Mr Dunne sat on the board; he could artfully put anyone at ease, whether our cleaner or director. I wonder where that empathetic chap went. And when he began to trot out such twaddle in order to secure his own future job prospects.

Barnett was great.Tory not so great but at least showed up

Quite a coup getting Philip Dunne on the show. He’s a very low profile MP in the media. As low a profile as Jesse Norman. He wanted to talk about endemic/pandemic. Hardly qualified to do that as his qualifications are toff/farmer/ancestor links/Eton/Oxford PPE degree. 🤷‍♂️

Seriously? Dressed in a suit and tie but devoid of all integrity

Amazing from ! Folk couldn't attend funerals or hug their mother if they got to attend their father's funeral That widow/widower was meant to sit alone at home with a bottle! DowningStreet invited 100 and journalists have learnt approx 30 attended!

He is going to need a bigger spade !!

These Tory MPs have no shame!

lewis_goodall 'I think we have to understand the facts' Tories are so far from the truth they would not be able to tell what a fact is these days, they only understand weasel words that fit their narrative

And the Tory lies continue ToriesPartiedWhilePeopleDied

His speech summed up: 'Don't say speculative things about what the prime minister did....but I am going to speculate that the public broke the rules by drinking at work, because that's how little we think of them'

I'm impressed with the constant drilling a refusal to stop asking about another Piggy needs up. This government deserve nothing but contempt, it's time for all media to round on these clowns. Watch out for any diversions they might attempt.Not had a go at immigrants for a week

The bit where he cowary said 'well I wasn't there'. Slime like him should be representing the British public in our parliament.

What the actual hell he is on about?

Dear Mr Johnson, All the cats are dead. The party is over. Please go. Yours, Everyone 🖋 BorisResign JohnsonOut 🎼 BJ's Bash: the completely fictional tale of a party that never was... 🧀🍷 BJsBash

In a better world, he'd be in prison after that.

lewis_goodall He forgot the word “lesser” from that statement.

This is excruciating! I can't bear to watch it!

Would probably have been better to say ‘I don’t know’ instead of trying to defend and deflect the indefensible. 🤷🏻‍♀️

A traditional fair-minded conservative who’s desperately holding on to a cabbage patch doll like Johnson to stay in power.

Silly goose

Well done Emmabarnett for not letting him evade with nonsense and vagueness. We need more Conservative MPs to condemn any attendees and call for serious action to be taken. Then when the truth comes out they will have to be held to account and not just swept away. NewsNight


Smell of burning is Johnsons job going up in smoke.

Is he for fucking real? Christ the arrogance!

Have some journalistic dignity and call out the Tory Govt boycott of It’s pathetic. Even more so that you allow these third party cheerleaders and unaccountable backbenchers on. You should have an empty chair. At least bloody mention it on air, after two years.

am1874northwich What a load of bollox! Asked again and again and again what the consequences should be if everything is true, he said he wasn’t prepared to speculate. Just say JohnsonOut — that’s all that’s required.

Gaslighting. Again.

I watched this in utter disbelief 😱😱😱🤦🤦🤦

It’s not alleged. It happened.

Hey up Barnett. Nailed him to the floor there, I'd say. squirm

Further proof that’s it’s not just Johnson that is the problem, it’s the entire Conservative party that needs to go.

Mr Johnson seems to drink (and rely upon such drink) but not work though.

And some start work with drinks...

SackJohnson BorisOut

metpoliceuk investigating this

bbc vendetta continues. defundthebbc

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