10 Celebrities Who Make Roots Look Good

Embrace the regrowth

9/24/2020 11:52:00 PM

Embrace the regrowth.

Embrace the regrowth

Forget hair accessories – all you need right now are your roots, currently being worn loud and proud by some seriously influential dressers. No longer something to hide or disguise, visible regrowth suddenly looks desirable. Though regrowth was initially forced upon us by lockdown, it seems we’ve loosened up and decided to embrace – and elevate – our grow-out. Colourists like Josh Wood acknowledge an upsurge in clients asking for low-maintenance colour that helps to fade roots into the ends of hair. Meanwhile, our favourite famous faces have been showing us how to work a grown-out root, too. Below, find 10 of the best looks that will encourage you to embrace your root stretch.

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So ombré hair ... Yay! And it was effortless.

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