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Zheng Shuang, Zhang Heng

Zheng Shuang's face digitally replaced in new drama

Peng Xiaoran will be replacing Zheng in the new drama, 'A Chinese Ghost Story'

26/3/2021 6:55:00 PM

No details have been released as to whether the drama's investors would be suing the actress in the near future.

Peng Xiaoran will be replacing Zheng in the new drama, ' A Chinese Ghost Story '

AdDeutsche Senioren staunen über bahnbrechende Schuheinlage.The WrapSeth Meyers Called Ted Cruz an ‘Asshole’ on the Same Night Sean Hannity Called Seth an ‘Asshole’ (Video)Seth Meyers has been taking so many closer looks at Ted Cruz and Fox News Channel lately, he’s gonna need some Visine to get the red(-state spin) out. On Thursday’s “Late Night,” Seth’s “A Closer Look” segment first drilled down into the Texas senator’s refusal to wear a mask during a press conference, despite being asked to by a reporter. Meyers then nailed Fox News for, in his words, being “more desperate” to use their collective Joe-Biden-hiding-in-a-basement quip than “George Constanza was to use his ‘jerk store’ line.” But neither of those is why we decided to write this clip up today. No, we just liked the coincidence that in it, Seth Meyers called “Hannity” crony Cruz an “asshole” on the same night Sean Hannity called Seth an “asshole.” Also Read: Hannity Complains 'Asshole' Seth Meyer Isn't Great at Memes (Video) We knew, it. We’re surrounded by assholes. Watch the Seth Meyers video above and the Sean Hannity one here. And here, we’ll point out that while “Late Night With Seth Meyers” tapes at about 4 p.m. ET, it does not air until 12:35 a.m. ET. “Hannity” is live at 9 p.m. ET. So the word choice is really just a coincidence. Keep firing, assholes! Also Read: Seth Meyers Snipes at Sean Hannity and GOP 'Bulls-' After Latest Mass Shootings We’re not going to definitively say who started this long-running (though generally a little less personal, or at least with fewer expletives) war of words between conservative TV host Hannity and liberal TV host Meyers, but Sean was surely responding to Seth’s “A Closer Look” from Wednesday night. Two nights ago, the “Saturday Night Live” alum condemned Hannity’s story selection in the wake of the recent tragedy in Colorado. He also called “bulls—” on right-wingers invoking the second amendment after every mass shooting. “On Monday, Fox News barely covered the horrific Boulder shootings in primetime,” Meyers said at the time. Also Read: Seth Meyers to Host 'Late Night' Through 2025 Under NBC Contract Extension “Apparently,” Hannity considered Joe Biden tripping on the stairs of Air Force One “much more important,” Meyers continued then. “My God, get your priorities straight.” Anyway, here’s how the next night’s “asshole”-swap played out. First, Meyers said Cruz took the mask request as “another opportunity to be a giant asshole.” “Man, Ted Cruz is the Steph Curry of being a giant dick: he never misses a shot,” Meyers said. Meanwhile, on “Hannity.” “You want to call me sociopathic, which you have called many others before, like Trump, like Karl Rove, you use the word a lot,” Hannity said of Meyers, “but you’re just another limousine liberal, socialist, hypocritical asshole who does nothing but spew anti-GOP hate and as virtually nothing positive or productive to add to any political dialogue. You have zero credibility, zero integrity, zero interest in what the truth is, especially about complicated issues, and that’s why very few people watch your show. And you’re not funny, ever.” Read original story Seth Meyers Called Ted Cruz an ‘Asshole’ on the Same Night Sean Hannity Called Seth an ‘Asshole’ (Video) At TheWrap

Tighter COVID-19 measures important as Singapore is on a 'knife’s edge': Lawrence Wong 13 new community COVID-19 cases, including 7 linked to Changi Airport cluster Commentary: Does Singapore have to resort to 'slapstick and Singlish' to get public messages across?

an hour agoThe WrapChrissy Teigen Avoids Eating Bull Penis by Revealing She and John Legend Had Bathroom Sex at the DNC (Video)All of Chrissy Teigen loved all of John Legend in a bathroom at the Democratic National Convention, Teigen revealed during a game of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” on James Corden’s “Late Late Show” Thursday. And because the model and cookbook author told the story of the “strangest” place she and her husband have ever become intimate, she did not have to eat a bull penis, as per the rules of Corden’s twisted late-night show game. “We had some fun days. They’re gonna hate this…” Teigen said, when Corden first posed the question to her, reminding her that she did not have to answer, but then she would have to eat whatever weird dish was underneath the domed platter in front of her. “No, I want to, because I need to clear it up. Because one time at the Grammys I had said, ‘We had sex at that Obama thing.’ And that came out wrong, because what I actually meant was, it was that Obama thing, but wasn’t like with them or near them… I believe it was at the DNC, actually.” “Sorry, so when you said ‘that Obama thing’ you meant the Democratic National Convention, otherwise known as ‘that Obama thing’?” Corden said, laughing. Also Read: Here Are the Premiere Dates for Broadcast TV's New and Returning Spring Shows (Updating) “And there was a bathroom, it was in the bathroom,” Teigen confirmed. “It was a while ago. I mean, I can fire these off if you want, I can say Ron Herman, Fred Segal, boom, boom, boom.” Corden was impressed by that list. “Yeah, right in front of the juice bar,” Chrissy added. “On a plane. Not even private, James! Public.” But the social-media maven didn’t make it through the whole game without eating something disgusting, as she swallowed a bit of salmon, tuna and fisheye milkshake to avoid naming which of her own produces she thinks is “not worth buying.” Also Read: Spring TV 2021: All the Premiere Dates for New and Returning Shows - So Far (Photos) And Corden actually ate two nasty trays: the first was when he bit an ant-covered corndog rather than rank Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and the second was when he tasted cow tongue Jell-o molds so he didn’t have to reveal how much he’s being paid to be a Weight Watchers spokesperson. You can watch the full segment via the video above. Read original story Chrissy Teigen Avoids Eating Bull Penis by Revealing She and John Legend Had Bathroom Sex at the DNC (Video) At TheWrap

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1.8 million people have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine: Health minister

A total of 1.2 million people have completed the full vaccination regimen, says Mr Gan Kim Yong.