James Gladstone, Drinking Too Much Water, Overhydration, Gallon Of Water, Water İntake

James Gladstone, Drinking Too Much Water

Yes, There Is Such a Thing as Drinking Too Much Water

Overhydration is a real concern with real consequences.

13/5/2021 1:15:00 PM

Overhydration is a real concern with real consequences.

Read this before you chug a gallon of water in the name of health.

AdPrivate Krankenversicherungen zu hohen Rückzahlungen verurteilt. Urteil für Privatversicherte (Aktenzeichen 9 U 138/19).The WrapColbert Mocks Needless Gas Panic by Channeling ‘Mad Max’ (Video)Stephen Colbert poked fun at the completely unnecessary gas panic happening in some parts of the country with a short video imagining the situation devolving into devolving into a “Mad Max”-inspired apocalypse for no reason. So of course by now you know that last week, hackers who may have ties to the Russian government held an oil company that runs a critical oil pipeline hostage with ransomware. This forced the pipeline to shut down while the company dealt with the situation, causing slowdowns in fuel distribution affecting much of the eastern United States. It’s a serious situation of course, not least of which because it was an attack on a crucial part of our infrastructure. But one thing it is not is a gas shortage. To repeat, we are not experience a supply shortage, this problem is being solved, and no one should panic. Seriously, no one should panic. There is no oil shortage. Alas, people are panic-buying gasoline, which is causing (very temporary) shortages. So back to Colbert. Wednesday’s “The Late Show” kicked off with a short video inspired by “The Road Warrior,” otherwise known as “Mad Max 2.” That film focuses on a group of oil workers that survived the apocalypse and turned their refinery into a fortress, nly to end up under siege by a group of post-apocalyptic barbarians led by “Lord Humungus,” bent on stealing that oil. “The Late Show” clip repurposes footage from “The Road Warrior,” so that Lord Humungus rolls up on a gas station, whose exasperated clerk attempts to explain that “the fuel pipeline will be back up today and there’ll be plenty of gas for all.” This causes Lord Humungus to realize he might have made a mistake by quitting his job and becoming a cannibal. Watch the clip below: On #LSSC tonight: The panic over the gas shortage has gotten out of hand. pic.twitter.com/BVoDzH25PJ— A Late Show (@colbertlateshow) May 13, 2021 Meanwhile, tangentially related to all of this, during his presidency Donald Trump purged the government of experienced cybersecurity personnel, and even presided over one of the worst hacks of U.S. government systems by foreign operatives in history. Also, he fired the cybersecurity official who pushed back against his lies about the election. And uh, his administration ended just over three months ago. . Read original story Colbert Mocks Needless Gas Panic by Channeling ‘Mad Max’ (Video) At TheWrap

HDB Hub, Redhill market among places visited by Covid-19 cases while infectious Biden urges G7 leaders to call out and compete with China Football: Eriksen's former cardiologist says he had no history of heart concerns

6 hours agoDon Lemon Tears Up After Watching Brutal New Footage From MAGA Riot (Video)CNN anchor Don Lemon got emotional on live TV Wednesday night while talking about the Trump-supporting mob that stormed the Capitol earlier this year. In particular, Lemon was caught off guard by new video footage of D.C. Metropolitan Police officer Michael Fanone being brutally attacked by rioters. The video, which Lemon played on his CNN show, is taken from Fanone’s body camera footage. It captures a chaotic and violent scene, and Fanone can be heard screaming in pain as protestors attack him with his own stun gun and beat him with a flagpole. At one point Fanone desperately yells, “I have kids,” which seemed to finally get through some of the attackers and ward them off. Then, after Fanone passes out, his camera captures his fellow officers bringing him to a safe zone. Lemon took a minute to compose himself on-air after the clip ended, and told viewers he hadn’t seen the footage before it aired on his show. “That is the first time I’ve watched that, I usually turn it off before it gets to that point,” Lemon said. “I had not seen that part.” Addressing the riot specifically, Lemon criticized people pushing the untrue narrative that the insurrection, incited by Trump in an attempt to overturn the 2020 election, either didn’t happen or somehow wasn’t as bad as it actually was. “For all the people who are ‘hugs and kisses, it didn’t happen’… come on. That is the reality of what happened to officer Michael Fanone that day; dragged down the steps, tased with his own weapon,” Lemon said. “Knocked unconscious and when he came to all he wanted to know was ‘did we take the door back,’ referring to the struggle he was part of inside the tunnel fighting alongside officers trying to stop insurrectionists from taking the Capitol. It was incredible… a hero, like I said,” Lemon concluded. Check out the full clip from CNN below. EXCLUSIVE: @CNN has obtained bodycam video showing the attack on DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone during the Jan. 6 insurrection. Fanone was stun-gunned several times and beaten with a flagpole. Watch: pic.twitter.com/TaItyUz9IX— CNN Tonight (@CNNTonight) May 13, 2021 Read original story Don Lemon Tears Up After Watching Brutal New Footage From MAGA Riot (Video) At TheWrap

7 hours agoFired ‘All Rise’ Showrunner Called 2 Black Colleagues Monkeys in Zoom Meeting (Report)Greg Spottiswood, the former showrunner of the CBS legal drama “All Rise,” has been accused of making a racist comment about his co-showrunner, Denitria “Dee” Harris-Lawrence, and another Black writer in a Zoom meeting last year. In a lengthy report published in Salon on Wednesday, multiple anonymous sources connected to the show described a toxic work environment on the Warner Bros. Television-produced series under Spottiswood, including an incident last fall in which he referred to Harris-Lawrence and the writer as “monkeys.” “Look at that, a monkey passing the ball to another monkey,” Spottiswood allegedly said after Harris-Lawrence forwarded a show-related email to the other writer. According to the report, the incident spurred a human resources investigation into Spottiswood’s behavior — his second over the course of less than two seasons — and ultimately led to his dismissal. “I don’t think he meant to employ the weight of that term, but he absolutely did use those words — and then no one said anything,” one person who was on the call told Salon. The report also detailed multiple incidents of racially insensitive or sexist behavior on the part of Spottiswood during his tenure as showrunner. Spottiswood was fired in March, with Harris-Lawrence taking the reins as sole showrunner. At the time, Warner Bros. said in a statement, “We remain committed, at all times, to providing a safe and inclusive working environment on our productions and for all employees.” A New York Times story last year chronicled similar turmoil in the writer’s room, specifically related to clashes with Spottiswood over the show’s depictions of people of color. In response to Wednesday’s story, Spottiswood issued a statement to Salon saying, “It was essential to me that I collaborate with a diverse group of talented writers and craftspeople to ensure that ‘All Rise’ was an inclusive and representative environment and that it reflected the city it was set in. I recognize that I was not as successful as I hoped and that my communication style during the creative process sometimes was counterproductive. … I never meant to offend anyone and to those I have, I’m deeply sorry.” Read original story Fired ‘All Rise’ Showrunner Called 2 Black Colleagues Monkeys in Zoom Meeting (Report) At TheWrap headtopics.com

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Stranded whale in London's River Thames put downA whale calf which got stranded in London's River Thames was put down on Monday, after its condition deteriorated and hopes for its survival faded.The minke whale was first spotted on Sunday night at Richmond Lock, where it became beached on concrete.Rescuers worked for hours to refloat it and then towed it a mile downstream.They hoped it would make its way to the ocean, but it was later spotted by Reuters swimming several miles upstream.When it became stuck again, rescuers decided the best thing to do would be to end its suffering and put it to sleep.The size of the whale, estimated at around 4.5 meters, suggested that it was still maternally dependent.There was no sign of its mother and it was in poor nutritional health.It's very rare for whales to come into the River Thames. The port authority says the calf would have come from the North Sea, the divide between Great Britain and Norway. Being cancer-stricken and begging CPF Board to repay overdue debt; that which in any case cannot be done as the money had been commingled and funneled to private entity Temasek Holdings for Ho Ching to wager on unviable, untenable and ultimately, invariably doomed gambles