Hong Kong Protests, Food And Beverage Sector

Hong Kong Protests, Food And Beverage Sector

Yellow or Blue? In Hong Kong, choosing restaurants has become a political act

Yellow or Blue? In Hong Kong, choosing restaurants has become a political act


Yellow or Blue? In Hong Kong, choosing restaurants has become a political act

HONG KONG (BLOOMBERG) - In deciding where to dine out in Hong Kong these days, many residents are turning to a Yelp-like mobile app: Not for reviews of food or service, but to separate 'yellow' from 'blue' eateries.. Read more at straitstimes.com.

HONG KONG (BLOOMBERG) - In deciding where to dine out in Hong Kong these days, many residents are turning to a Yelp-like mobile app: Not for reviews of food or service, but to separate"yellow" from"blue" eateries. After more than seven months of unrest, even choosing a restaurant has become political in Hong Kong. Of 3,000 eateries listed on the app, more than 1,300 are yellow and 1,600 are blue - including cafes, tea places and snack shops. The yellow hue represents outlets viewed as pro-democracy or supportive of the anti-government protests, an association dating to the city's Umbrella Movement in 2014. Blue refers to pro-government or pro-Beijing leanings. The effort to politicise restaurants, many of which are small and locally owned, is part of the protest movement's strategy of forcing businesses and residents to pick sides as they pressure the government for more freedoms. Even if some shop owners pretend to be yellow, which is occurring more amid the blue boycott, this helps keep up the protest momentum, said Kelvin Lam, a former Greater China economist at HSBC and now a member of the District Council. "That's already a good thing to have in this environment," Lam added. While economists say the strategy is unlikely to have a significant economic impact, boycotting police-linked businesses is exacerbating tensions in the former British colony. Restaurant traffic over the Chinese New Year holiday is also likely to be hit due to worries about the spread of the new SARS-like coronavirus. "WoLeiEat", which means"to eat with you" in Chinese, was developed by a 25-year-old information technology worker who asked to be identified by his first name King. Available to Android phone users in October and iPhone users in November, it has had about 600,000 downloads in three months and 70,000 active users a day, he said. King, who is pro-protester, said he wants people to use the app to"tell the government what we want". He is now expanding the list to include other retailers, such as beauty salons and stationery shops. The colour coding is based on whether businesses supported a general strike and whether they help protesters, such as by providing free food. A higher yellow score is awarded to outlets seen as actively supporting the pro-democracy protests. POLITICAL FIGHT Tommy Wu, a senior economist at Oxford Economics Hong Kong Ltd., said the yellow versu blue divide is"more about demonstrating one's political ideology rather than making a real impact" on the economy. Even with the help of the"WoLeiEat" mobile app, customers may find distinguishing a yellow restaurant from a blue one tricky since there is no precise definition and people contributing to reviews often make arbitrary remarks. Being listed as a blue shop risks becoming the target of vandalism. "Customers making their own decision - I don't think it's a problem," said Tommy Cheung, a lawmaker representing the catering industry."The only problem is if you throw petrol bombs at the shops when they represent a different political stance." BAKING CAKES Vicky Tam, a Hong Kong professional who is getting married this month, illustrates the divide. She has switched her wedding cake order - worth about HK$8,500 (S$1,477) - from Maxim's Cakes, the city's biggest bakery chain with about 180 stores to another local chain, Saint Honore Cake Shop, where cake sales have soared 50 per cent since September. "As a so-called WoLeiFei, this is the least thing I can do," Tam said, referring to a Cantonese term for protesters who are not on the front lines and view themselves as peaceful. She joined a boycott of the group after comments made in September by Annie Wu Suk-ching, the eldest daughter of Maxim's Group founder James Wu. Speaking at the United Nations representing the Hong Kong Federation of Women, Annie Wu said a"small group of radical protesters" using"systematic and calculated violent acts" did not represent the views of all 7.5 million Hong Kong residents. She went on to say in an interview with the Global Times, a Chinese Communist Party newspaper, that she had"given up" on Hong Kong's young people. Her comments led to outrage by protesters in Hong Kong and prompted vandalism of Maxim's restaurants and shops, including Starbucks outlets. Maxim's Caterers runs more than 1,300 eateries mainly in Hong Kong and Macau, including 160 Starbucks coffee shops. The company had annual revenue of HK$20.27 billion at the end of 2018, according to an auditing document. On Thursday, Maxim's Group pointed to a September statement in response to news reports mentioning Annie Wu, which said the"group hereby states that Ms Wu is not employed in any position or capacity at the company". A 35-year-old human resources manager, who asked to be identified by her surname Yip, said she used to be a regular diner at Peking Garden, a Chinese restaurant owned by Maxim's. She said she no longer will"spend a penny" at Maxim's restaurants, adding she makes her restaurant choices according to the"WoLeiEat" app and lists shared on social media. BLUE WORRIES But other restaurant managers say they are being targeted unfairly. Ken Cheung runs a seafood restaurant in Tuen Mun that was labelled as blue because policemen were seen dining there. "We serve customers regardless of their professions," Cheung said."People labelled us as blue, but there is no basis." Snack chain Best Mart 360 Holdings has been a target of vandalism against blue outlets, with Chairman Lin Tsz Fung saying in an interview in November that more than 70 of 102 stores were vandalised, in more than 180 instances. The company has been hit because protesters claimed Lin has ties to pro-Beijing gangs from the south-eastern Chinese province of Fujian, which he has denied. The company said in a Jan 15 stock exchange filing that it plans to open more shops away from Hong Kong - in Macau and mainland China. Simon Wong, president of the Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants and Related Trades, said most restaurants do not want to be part of a political fight. "Nearly 70 per cent of the food ingredients are from mainland China," he said."If restaurants stop using them, they can't even open for business." Some yellow shops say they are trying to help the protest movement in another way: Hiring young people whose employment prospects are adversely affected by the political rift. Still, the majority of the available jobs - such as waiters and shop assistants - are low-skilled positions. "I would do whatever I can," said Vincent Hung, who owns Brew Note Coffee Roaster, a yellow shop in the North Point area."Like employing protesters, even just one or two." Related Stories: Read more: The Straits Times

Hkers are seriously oppressed by the tyranny and we gotta change the tactics of revolution. We choose to spend our money on those who support democracy and boycott those support HKPoliceTerrorists & CCP. YellowEconomicCircle ABC_challenge CCP uses economic power to coerce companies into firing pro-democracy staff so we use money to resist and to protect the pro-democracy restaurants & shops. We HKers can do so. Why can't the whole world do so? BoycottChina StandWithHongKong HongKong HongKongProtests

It's an easy choice of doing businesses with those that don't support terrorists. StandWithHongKong 5DemandsNot1Less BoycottChina To better use of money to support Real HK ppl, let our money enhance and strengthen econo8of Real HK ppl. The Yellow Economy Circle is a voice, a vote and a support to HK. ABC_challenge AnywherebutChina

When the totalitarian regime has been responding to the Hong Kong ppl’s demands with political suppression & PoliceBrutality, we have to try whatever we can do to extend HongKongProtests. Developing the “Yellow Economic Circle” is one of the long-term methods. we support people who share same belief. why i have to let people who support totalitarianism and police brutality to earn my money? standwithhongkong

I would rather say it’s a daily requirement. Only consume in YellowEconomicCircle and won’t let any pro-CCP earn a penny from me. I just want to stay away from those pro-CCP guys when I enjoy my meals. And it is not easy to make money, so it will be good if the money I paid can be used for something I stand with.

It's not as much political as just not paying for the knives that will be swung at your face. Swung by pro-HKGov thugs, just to be clear. an alternative way of protest: we will support Yellow (pro-democracy) Shops who support the values of freedom and democracy YellowEconomicCircle Hi, people from the world. Happy ChineseNewYear! Go YELLOW restaurant is a safe choice under the threat of WuhanCoronovirus as there won’t be any mainland barbarians who spreads virus everywhere. Come support us through YellowEconomicCircle & ABC_challenge!

Singapore, Hong Kong and India all slip in democracy rankingsSingapore, Hong Kong and India have all dropped in a new ranking of democracies around the world, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2019 Democracy Index.

Protests seem to disappear? NO It happens, every, single, day. We solely need one moment to trigger all these emotions. WuhanCoronovirus is clearly the one. Why not? Politics change everyday life of each one. People have rights to decide how they want to live their lives. This is our freedom, we can only 'vote' in such way

Omg.....why? Do Not Politicized everything! watch USA right now! CHAOS! 1/2 It’s not only Yellow or Blue; but also Good or Evil! The armless HK people have no choice but to try every means to rise up against tyranny and oppression. StandWithHongKong 2/2 We also appeal to the world to sanction those CCP and HK officials directly or indirectly responsible for human rights violations by passing MagnitskyAct in 2020. Democracy is not free. We have to do something to earn it.

Discover more unknown shops with yellow maps Yellow Some blue shops show strong linkage to the gangsters and hurt our people. Hate them.

Hong Kong on high alert to tackle coronavirus outbreakHong Kong's government is on high alert to deal with a new flu-like coronavirus that has killed nine people in mainland China, the city's commerce secretary, Edward Yau, said on Wednesday. The outbreak has rattled financial markets as investors recall the huge impact of Severe Acute Respiratory

I am not choosing a restaurant, I am choosing the future of Hong Kong. Support yellow economic circle. HKprotests Free Hong Kong FreeHK FreeHongKong StandWithHongKong It’s an upgrade of HongKongProtests . We support pro-democracy shops, boycott pro-government shops. Also we organise labour unions and boycott made-in-China products and invite others to participate in ABC_challenge .

Support YellowEconomicCircle 👍 黃色經濟圈 Our money our rules. We learn this from CCP invasion on Hong Kong economy toochina is terrorist Every dollar you spend is a vote too Hope the sytem can enlarge to the whole city It is about conscience and Hong Kong culture, start supporting shops that are not depending on pro-China party is a way to keep Hong Kong's culture exist. Hong Kong people can live without CCP

It is like why we choose fair trade products or eco-friendly products. We share a common belief and common value. Therefore, we support each others.

Hong Kong confirms first case of new Wuhan virus: Local mediaHONG KONG (REUTERS) - Hong Kong confirmed its first case of a new flu-like coronavirus on Wednesday (Jan 22) following an outbreak in the central mainland China city of Wuhan, local broadcasters RTHK, Cable TV and TVB said, citing unnamed sources.. Read more at straitstimes.com.

Just the simple fair trade that we are consumers, we can choose and feel comfortable to consume and pay in the yellow shops. We agree they are conscience shops that we like to keep consume in there. Politics is everywhere, we just can’t ignore it. innocitizen When the dictator ignored how we peacefully asked for 5DemandsNot1Less including Universal Suffrage that we should have long ago & when they give us back HKPoliceBrutality to suppress us. We merged the protest into daily life via YellowEconomicCircle & BoycottChina!

YellowEconomicCircle can be seen as the new front of ‘clashes’, just our weapon is money. I think this is totally legal & HKPolice won’t teargas me for eating at yellow restaurant right? If no, state media pls shut up & let us spend our money as we wish. Yellow Economic Circle FTW. StandWithHongKong

We believe human right is always of the top priority. Those who suppress human rights and their supporter must be boycotted and sanctioned. We have the right to decide how to spend our money! HongKongProtests BoycottChina HongKongPoliceTerrorism before yellow or blue, Hong Kong had silently became RED (CCP controlled). Literally 70% of chain stores or companies in any industries in HK had been controlled by China for the past 20years. This is the time for us to fight back. YellowEconomicCircle StandWithHongKong

Can’t swallow the food served to us by some owner who thinks of us as “roaches”. They’ve chosen their path we’ve chosen ours. YellowEconomy HongKong StandwithHongKong HongKongProtests It’s not really about yellow or blue. It’s a matter of conscience. The consumers use their power to express their dissatisfaction on restaurants’ owners who support murdering and killing civilians.

We are finding more creative ways to maintain the movement! Making a living in Hong Kong is tough. The grassroot are afraid of economic downturn. We now buy from pro-democracy yellow shops to run the Yellow Economic Circle! StandWithHongKong

Hong Kong confirms first case of new Wuhan virus: ReportsHONG KONG: Hong Kong confirmed its first case of a new flu-like coronavirus on Wednesday (Jan 22) following an outbreak in the central mainland ... 😜 Trust me , protests suddenly will disappeared

Even the wallet is a great way to pressure businesses. Peaceful yet effective StandWithHongKong When absurdity is happening every day in Hong Kong, we are not allowed ourselves to spend money on those supporting that absurdity. We support those restaurants which share the same core values : freedom and democracy.

YellowEconomicCircle becomes a new popular way to continue our fight for freedom and democracy, especially when we are being beaten and arrested during peaceful and lawful protests. We sincerely invite the world to take part to BoycuttChina as well🙏 I will only spend my money on yellow shops, forever

Hong Kong regime turn a deaf ear to our demands so we let our money speaks for us. And we don’t actually want to hear those pro-government waiters to curse us while dining. To Sinkies, this makes you eye wides open. Like any consumer movement, putting money where your values are! Our money should be used to support our guys. Not a business owner who support chinazi criminals and HKPoliceTerrorists. 5DemandsNot1Less FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong

I get satisfaction and happiness from the shops, that’s why I love to go! This is about whether shop owners have conscience or not! StandWithHongKong

Hong Kong confirms first case of new Wuhan virus - local mediaHong Kong confirmed its first case of a new flu-like coronavirus on Wednesday following an outbreak in the central mainland China city of Wuhan, local broadcasters RTHK, Cable TV and TVB said, citing unnamed sources. The outbreak, which began in Wuhan, has spread to more Chinese cities including the

I just want to support those who shares the same values. YellowEconomicCircle A lot of blue restaurants, which mean pro-government restaurants, are shutting down because they are not supported by HongKongers ! Also bazaar. To be exact, we just want to consume at a place that we feel comfortable and happy...like who we are sitting with and who is serving us. All these matter

Only spend on those share the same value as myself. Boycott red capital and pro Beijing stores, this is the least I can contribute to the movement It is a conscience act more than a political act when you see what happens in HK! Yes, it’s our freedom for HongKong people to spend money in the ways they like. Why don’t we spend money in YellowEconomicCircle which will support pro-democracy people to continue the fight for freedom and democracy?

octopusscity The yellow economic circle is a real community sharing the same core values Vote on every spending! StandwithHK YellowEconomicCircle It makes perfect sense that the 2 million protesters support businesses which back the protest YellowEconomicCircle

Hong Kong leader Lam insists to stay on to tackle crisesDAVOS, Switzerland: A confident Carrie Lam said on Wednesday (Jan 22) that Hong Kong had several crises to manage, but insisted she was staying on ... She’s part of our crisis, given how she turned a blind eye to our voices. Her so called crisis is only the result of peaceful persuasion ignored. Without universal suffrage, whoever be the leader would only appease CCP instead of serving the interests of Hong Kongers genuinely. The fact that Carrie Lam is still here delivering empty words proves no one can trust a puppet government on communication & actions. HKers demand to realize the promised Universal Suffrage of Hong Kong Chief Executive & Legislative Council. Sincere actions have been absent. CarrieLam is the root cause and source of the crises And she insist to stay and tackle What a paradox HongKongProtests

ABC, Anything but China. That's the most peaceful way to express Hong Kong people’s discontent. They are protesting with their purchasing power. StandWithHongKong FightForFreedom HongKongProtests It's about conscience We don’t have the freedom to choose our CEO,but we have the freedom to choose what we believe.

Good Yes it’s not policital just out of preference to spend my money. Nothing wrong at all We buy, eat, choose products from AnywherebutChina . This is a long- lasting rebellion. FightForFreedom YellowEconomicCircle is the next battlefront confronting ChinaTyranny & HKTyranny But HKers still need MagnitskyAct passed in every democratic country to sanction CCPChina and HKPoliceTerrorists 5DemandsNot1Less FightForFreedomStandWithHongKong

Consciousness is all that matters.

You wouldn't want to buy goods/services from people who don't hv conscience Voting with one's wallet is the best way of getting a message across. If you don't agree with a person, you don't need to confront them, just support someone else's business. Not entirely political. We are just paying enterprises with stances we share agreement on. Consumers choose and rule out those behind the times. Isn’t this economics?

The YellowEconomicCircle is an act of humanity. Most “yellow” shop are pro-democracy and disagreeing police brutality. It is alright for HK citizens to consume their services. It keeps a sustainable economic circle. I enjoy dining yellow restaurants because of the atmosphere💛 HongKongers don't have the right to vote so we use money as our ballots. The pro-Beijing restaurants should not stay in HongKong.

Politics is everywhere, just purchase from someone who share the same values, just like fairtrade ! You can do it, too! AnywherebutChina YellowEconomicCircle is another way to resist CCP, we pay for “yellow” only. U can start with ABC_challenge Say no to Chinese products coz they’re violating human rights and suppressing freedom! FightForFreedom StandwithHK 5DemandsNot1Less ANTICCP BoycottChina 手足互科

We call this political act “Yellow Economic Circle” and support it for 2 reasons. We want to support people and shops that have the same conviction with us. Also, we don’t want gov and shops that help oppress our freedom earn money from us. This is a typical example of buycott. But consumers always have the power to decide what they want. It’s the business that have to cooperate with consumers’ interest

We help to sustain the momentum by doing protests everyday including: - Yellow Economic Circle: buying from yellow shops, boycotting blue shops - Joining unions to prepare a full strike - ABC_challenge: buying goods produced from Anywhere But China We pick the restaurants that share same beliefs and we become happier. This is sort of economic theories I believe.

Lai65571814 Lai65571814 the spelling is restarants* I love yellow restaurant I go for yellow for sure I don’t see any ground on why Hong Kong Gov & CCPChina intimidate YellowEconomicCircle ! It’s a choice of spending of consumers and consumers know the best way to maximise their happiness/utility. Gov intervention is just a blatant suppression on HumanRights ! StandwithHK

Yellow economic circle adds solidarity to our protest and brings protest into daily life. Everytime you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want. I only shop at shops which support protestors and I boycott products “made in China”. AnywherebutChina The reason is, if you spend the money for who support hongkong police, it means you support them to beat citizen to use violence suppress Hong Kong, that’s why we want to have choice

It's not about political act, yellow or blue. It's about conscience. The World can join us 😊 If you support freedom and democracy StandWithHongKong please support YellowEconomicCircle, and BoycottChina Join the ABC_challenge We are just choosing the right restaurants. It is like you would not dine in a dirty ones.

Social unrest originated to incompetent government and political suppression. No wonder people in Hong Kong chose to abandon China & China-related restaurants Indeed and it is not easy but how can you enjoy the food when the restaurant supports HKPoliceTerrorists and thought you were a cockroach ? Yellow Economic Circle💛

Politics come to you even we may never go for it. Hong Kong people merge our battle into daily lives. And at least, we don't want to fund the tyranny to buy the weapons to beat us up in every rallies. Imagine in a blue restaurant, hearing people around you berating HKProtesters, praising HKPoliceTerrorist, worshipping CarrieLam, and saying they wouldn't think twice of taking the law into their hands to attack the protesters? Of course you will go to a yellow restaurant.

Yes it becomes a routine habit for many hongkongers .. we check the “colour” of the restaurant before we enter! We are the customers and we have the choices on how to spend our money more worthy isn’t it? It is not only political.. it is about conscience! It feels so good to spend money wisely to support freedom and democracy🌟 StandWithHongKong

It just likes why ppl boycott Starbucks and McDonald's for environmental reasons. Ethical consumerism is not a new thing. BoscoWo42122490 It's abt conscience. We believe if the shop owner understand how hkgov & HKPolice treat HongKong youngsters last year, he/she must have a kind heart. This is an evidence to show the shop owner care abt wht he serves his customers


Doesn't matter if it's political. Everyone has to do their part and support those restaurants supporting the protection human rights! YellowEconomicCircle Going blue or red (related to CCP) restaurants seemed like giving money to devils to hurt our fellows... hkprotests antichinazi Spending on China goods? Nah, I’d rather spend my money on shop which holds the same values. antitotalitarianism StandWithHongKong

We never support the shops which help to persecute us YellowEconomicCircle Not really political reasons, but we are picking the side if human rights Are you sure you want to give money to CCP who genocide Uyghurs, using force labors, and depriving freedom from people all around the world? AnywherebutChina

Fking Hong kong police keeping Harassment yellow shop. hongkongpoliceterrorism FreeHongKong The world should follow suit to only consume PRODUCTS and SHOPS those support FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY. Or you have no choice to live or consume in your way tomorrow! It’s just easier to go to places where you feel like you have a bond with..

It's call social responsibility when you buy according to your conscience

Time for the rebirth of the once-golden madeinhongkong ! The authorities have used many ways to suppress our Hong Kong's movement, but the HKprotesters are so smart to think of even more means to protest. StandWithHongKong It's not about yellow or blue. It's about conscience. Same rule applies, you won't wanna buy products made in authoritarian China that violates human rights and freedom. Please join our ABC_challenge to BoycottChina! Stop funding China to suppress people. StandWithHongKong

To me yellow restaurants can provide a pleasant environment with 0 bad words about our freedom fighters. I also can use my money to encourage these owners to use their own ways involved in Hong Kong uprising movement. We are all in solidarity to YellowEconomicCircle. Hong Kong ppl are clever enough to conscientiously spend their earnings. YellowEconomicCircle FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong FreeHongKong

When u buy made in 🇨🇳 products, support pro-Beijing businesses, u r actually funding CCP to oppress freedoms n human rights Journalists, lawyers, Christians, Uyghurs, hkers r being persecuted Take a pic of AnywherebutChina products n invite ur fds for ABC_challenge Letting pro-China and anti-Hong Kong businesses grow big in the first place and manipulate our politics was a mistake. We are only working to rectify it.

The Yellow Economic Cycle will succedd to scare off pro-China shops in the foreseeable future!! We will let you feel what it’s like to support the merciless government!! It is a conscience act more than a political act. You can’t really go to a restaurant supporting the suppression of human rights. That is why we insist to go to restaurant who are brave enough to speak out the truth.

When u buy fair trade coffee beans, do u think this is a political act? Itz all abt conscience and ethical

Not simply political, its a matter of conscience! StandWithHongKong Support HK Ethical consumerism is nothing new. You wouldn't want to fund those who support human rights abuses, would you?

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