Anımals, New Zealand

Anımals, New Zealand

'World's loneliest duck' Trevor dies on tiny Pacific island of Niue

'World's loneliest duck' Trevor dies on tiny Pacific island of Niue

28/1/2019 10:38:00 AM

'World's loneliest duck' Trevor dies on tiny Pacific island of Niue

SYDNEY (AFP) - A lone duck named Trevor that lived on the tiny Pacific island nation of Niue has died, officials say, sparking an outpouring of grief from as far away as New Zealand .. Read more at

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A Chinese ‘auntie’ went on a solo road trip. Now, she’s a feminist icon

flavio_fdv 🦆А вот наши уточки на реке Днепр.

Innovative green solutions in Asia and the Pacific can change the world

Singapore is first in the world to successfully breed endangered Solomon Islands birdsSINGAPORE - Four baby Santa Cruz ground doves were born at the Jurong Bird Park in recent weeks, making the park the first zoological institution in the world to successfully breed the highly threatened bird species under human care.. Read more at Not bad considering a country that relies on mainland PRs to breed here. Cite your source Headline needs improving. Technically, nature has been breeding them since before recorded history. Should say '... first in the world to successfully breed endangered birds in captivity.'

Jurong Bird Park first in world to breed endangered Solomon Islands ground-dovesSINGAPORE: Jurong Bird Park has welcomed four Santa Cruz ground-dove chicks in the past few weeks, marking a world first for the endangered species.

Duck rescued from restaurant as an egg makes a fun pet for Malaysian city dwellerKUALA LUMPUR (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Most city dwellers who want pets will usually end up with four-legged furkids or something low-maintenance like a fish in a tank or a bird in a cage.. Read more at

'Sitting ducks': Volunteer describes rescue at besieged Kenyan hotelAs the sun set on an upmarket hotel complex in Nairobi, Serge Medic's phone pinged with a message from his son: 'Dad, are you OK?... Don't do ...

Tiny killer threatens giant clam, an aquatic emblem of the MediterraneanVILLEFRANCHE-SUR-MER, France (AFP) - With wing-shaped shells lined with iridescent mother-of-pearl and producing the fibres of rare and delicate sea silk, the noble pen shell clam is one of the most emblematic species in the Mediterranean and a bellwether for marine environmental health.. Read more at

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S'pore top Asia-Pacific's Global Talent index, againSingapore has topped the Global Talent Competitiveness Index in Asia-Pacific for the sixth straight year, coming second in the global rankings behind Switzerland and ahead of the United States, which was third. Released yesterday in Davos, ahead of the World Economic Forum,...

Singapore tops Asia-Pacific in talent competitivenessFOR the sixth straight year, Singapore ranked first in the Asia-Pacific and second worldwide for attracting and developing talent, in the annual Global Talent Competitiveness Index released on Monday. Read more at The Business Times.