Woman unsatisfied with S$2,000 matchmaking package declined refund by agency

9/1/2022 4:38:00 PM

Woman unsatisfied with S$2,000 matchmaking package, agency declines refund

Woman unsatisfied with S$2,000 matchmaking package, agency declines refund

One of her criteria was for her partner to have an income of S$8,000 per month.

The agency was also running a 50 per cent discount at the time, on a package originally priced at S$4,000.Expectations were not highShe also prefers her partner to be a Buddhist or free thinker and said that her partner should be at least 163cm tall — as tall as her.

However, the woman said her first date failed to meet her expectations, as her date's income was lower than hers. She also said that he only received annual salary increments of less than S$100.Subsequently, she met with other dates that met her criteria, but she claimed that she was unable to connect with them.

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Confirm China one! Lol… I like the date that tested her by sharing to eat ice cream… apparently she finds it weird. I’d have rejected this old woman too if I were the date. For the sake of my balls. Wow. $8000 a month… Not heard of tinder? Very business Iike… 'She said her expectations were not high. She wanted a partner that is Chinese, with a bachelor's degree, and earns S$8,000 a month.' o.O okay....

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