Public Service Announcement, Cheating Partners

Public Service Announcement, Cheating Partners

Wife Shames Husband’s Mistress By Putting Up Her Posters In Public Library

The vengeful mum posted photographs of the mistress all across the town, who was also her friend at one point. The photo was printed with a scathing caption that read, “Public Service Announcement – Homewrecker.”

22/6/2021 12:00:00 PM

The vengeful mum posted photographs of the mistress all across the town, who was also her friend at one point. The photo was printed with a scathing caption that read, “ Public Service Announcement – Homewrecker.”

A scorned mum went all out to get revenge on the mistress of her cheating narcissist husband by putting up her posters all over town. The post Wife Shames Husband’s Mistress By Putting Up Her Posters In Public Library appeared first on theAsianparent - Your Guide to Pregnancy, Baby & Raising Kids.

21 June 2021, 1:56 pm·5-min readWe are certain you’ve heard the proverb, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Time and again we’ve seen examples of howkarmaand women will come back stronger and fiercer when wronged in life.This is especially true for men who cheat on their wives and think they can get away with it. So do not, and we say it again, do not underestimate what women are capable of doing when betrayed.

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Unfortunately, a woman had to unleash her inner demon after she found that her husband was cheating on her. The mum decided to take revenge on the “homewrecking” mistress in the most epic way possible.It’s unclear though what she chose to do with her cheating narcissist husband but going by what transpired, we do not think it was anything remotely good.

How The Wife Found Out About Her Cheating Narcissist Husbandcheating narcissist husbandImage Source: RedditThis mum managed to do what hundreds-thousands of women cheated upon have wanted to do over centuries. The vengeful mum posted photographs of the

all across the town, who was also her friend at one point. The photo was printed with a scathing caption that read,“Public Service Announcement – Homewrecker,” which is followed by the picture of the mistress below.The poster further pointed at all that the former friend/husband’s current mistress did wrong with the woman. Highlighted in bullet points, the poster read,

“Sleeps with married men and is proud of it.“Lost all her kids to CPS.“While sleeping with married men she will befriend the wife and offer to babysit the children.“Thinks her behaviour is cute and funny.“Has contracted STDs such as Chlamydia.”The poster went for the final kill with the concluding line, “Karma is only a bitch if you are … #homewrecker. Share on Facebook”

What Do Other Redditors Say?The poster was discovered by aReddituser in a public library who posted it on the community website. It has since gone viral garnering over 831 comments and over 27,500 likes. It also sparked a new debate about why the cheating narcissist husband wasn’t in the poster as well.

Story continuesOne user wrote, “I will NEVER understand people who have more hate towards the “third person” than to their cheating partners.”Another user commented, “Those poor men with no choice or autonomy. How dare she sleep with them!”Other users were quick to explain the relationship dynamics in this situation.

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One user wrote, “I mean if the third party knows and is proud of helping others cheat, then I can understand being full of hate for them too. Having said that the hate definitely should be mostly aimed at the partner, cause f*ck all the stupid pricks who choose to cheat on their partners. If you can’t handle a relationship don’t get in one, don’t be a scummy prick cause you can’t keep it in your pants (and no not getting any isn’t an excuse, nor is wanting more excitement or any of those dumb*ss excuses).”

There were other users too who acknowledged that knowingly breaking a home was just plain wrong. One Redditor wrote, “She knowingly had sex with and befriended the girl to assume a motherly role for her children, I’m pretty sure that’s a lot worse”While another commented, “People like this don’t learn lessons unless they face the repercussions of their actions so I agree with this ‘Public Service Announcement’ … Let people know that she is a promiscuous, self-orientated ho*.

What Is A Cheating Narcissist Husband?cheating narcissist husbandImage Source: iStockA narcissist partner is the kind of person who has an overly positive, egotistical admiration of themselves. Such people idolise themselves and have a blown-up ego with little to build upon.

What’s even worse are the sexual narcissists who are extremely selfish in bed.A 2013published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that marriages involving sexual narcissists had lower sexual and marital satisfaction. Research also identifies sexual narcissism as a characteristic of borderline and histrionic personality disorders.

So, it’s not surprising that a narcissistic partner will cheat to attain their own sexual satisfaction.What Is A Cheating Narcissist Husband? 5 Signs To Watch Out For1. They ignore you after sexThe cheating narcissist husband will be concerned only about his own sexual pleasure and will immediately withdraw from their partner after sex. Another form of this is ghosting after sex or physically leaving the room. Sexual narcissists are also extremely charming until they get what they are looking for.

2. They frequently cheatSexual narcissists can also regularly cheat on you, without remorse. The Archives of Sexual Behavior study also corroborates the same. It also states that the husband will typically blame the partner for their infidelity and is incapable of taking responsibility for his behaviour.

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3. They lack empathy for their spousesCheating narcissist husbands lack the ability to engage in emotional empathy with their spouses. They are so focused on their own pleasure and kinks that they forget to consider the other person’s desires.4. They use sex to manipulate their partners

Cheating narcissists behave in a charming, romantic, and generous way till they get what they want. This manipulation is a common trait with such individuals and it’s not surprising to see them make a 180-degree shift in attitude once the deed is done.

5. They exhibit compulsive sexual behaviourCompulsive behaviour including unsafe sex, high usage of porn or trying things after watching porn is related to sexual narcissists. It often interferes with their healthy sex life, and they believe the bedroom to be some kind of conquest, instead of spending quality time with their partner.

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