What does modern day female empowerment really mean in Singapore?

What does modern day female empowerment really mean in Singapore?

13/5/2021 1:56:00 AM

What does modern day female empowerment really mean in Singapore?

Even in a modern society like Singapore, do women really enjoy enough freedom of choice, access to equal opportunities and the right to self-determination?

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Covid-19: Students aged 12 and above can register for vaccine from June 1, adults aged 39 and below from mid-June

SINGAPORE — Children aged 12 and above will be receiving invitations to get vaccinated against Covid-19 starting from Tuesday (June 1), while people above 60 will be able to get the jab without the need to register or book appointment slots in advance.

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Singapore sees ‘several important lessons’ from Tan Tock Seng Hospital COVID-19 cluster'This particular B16172 strain appears very infectious ... Without vaccination, the infection among healthcare workers would have been much worse”: Gan Kim Yong on lessons learnt from the Tan Tock Seng Hospital COVID19 cluster Vaccination is PART OF measures. Thanks for sharing, Let's take care of eachother, 🙏🌞

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Tighter COVID-19 measures important as Singapore is on a 'knife’s edge': Lawrence WongSingapore on a 'knife's edge' with COVID19 community case numbers that could go either way in the next few weeks: Lawrence Wong in ministerial statement Make vaccinations mandatory. Problem solved. You're welcome Singapore. So it's everybody's fault if numbers increase except his government who have failed to implement a timely vaccination programme 🙄 Knives in knives out.......so bubbles here bubbles there.....green lanes here green lanes there......just shut the damn border n everybody the better for it.

13 new community COVID-19 cases, including 7 linked to Changi Airport clusterSINGAPORE: Thirteen community cases were among 25 new COVID-19 infections reported in Singapore as of noon on Tuesday (May 11), said the Ministry ... How is the vaccine working out? Tend to see more and more vaccinated people get covid 🤔 Would have been avoided if everyone arriving had been processed in makeshift tents and put on buses directly to fixed facilities instead of being allowed to enjoy Changi airport and thus put the staff at risk of infection. 哇,13宗本地確診個案?