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UN chief 'deeply disturbed' by Israel strike on Gaza media building

UN chief 'deeply disturbed' by Israel strike on Gaza media building

16/5/2021 2:28:00 AM

UN chief 'deeply disturbed' by Israel strike on Gaza media building

UNITED NATIONS: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was 'dismayed' by civilian casualties in Gaza and 'deeply disturbed' by Israel 's strike on a ...

BookmarkUNITED NATIONS: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was"dismayed" by civilian casualties in Gaza and"deeply disturbed" by Israel's strike on abuilding containing international media outlets, a spokesman said in a statement released on Saturday (May 15).

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Guterres was"deeply disturbed by the destruction by an Israeli airstrike today of a high-rise building in Gaza City that housed the offices of several international media organizations," his spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, said in the statement.

AdvertisementAdvertisementHe was also"dismayed" by the"increasing number of civilian casualties, including the death of ten members of the same family, including children, as a result of an Israeli airstrike last night," Dujarric continued.

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where the fuck are those Human Rights Group who shouted the most all the time ? Genocide ? US say this is China fault Somebody out there isnt doing his or her job America can no longer lead this world as it plays its double standards in world politics. There's a pure genocide in Palestinian state but it closed both its eyes.

Deeply disturbed. Oh wait. That's all? No action. Disturbed? Disturbed is when I hv a nightmare which I can wake up to. That is not a nightmare but wanton atrocities that need to be stop stat! Just feeling disturbed is not enough. Action speak louder than words.

This is a never ending war of hatred vendatta n religious war.......nothing can be done except just let them killed n wipeout themselves....period. Is UN not disturbed by how much rockets HAMAs is firing at Israel?!!! Not even a bit? We now can tell whose side they are on! “Hear, Israel: Today you are going into battle against your enemies. Do not be fainthearted or afraid; do not panic or be terrified by them. For the Lord your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory. ” Deuteronomy 20:3-4

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