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Twitter, Us

Twitter suspends accounts skirting Trump ban

Twitter suspends accounts skirting Trump ban

7/5/2021 6:07:00 AM

Twitter suspends accounts skirting Trump ban

SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter on Thursday (May 6) confirmed that it had pulled the plug on several accounts trying to skirt its ban on former United ...

Twitter said it permanently suspended Trump's account after the deadly Jan 6 Capitol riot because there was a risk he would further incite violence, following months of tweets disputing Joe Biden's presidential election victory.False and misleading claims about American politics have plummeted, a trend for which Twitter and Facebook are keen to take credit.

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With Trump muted, Biden less engaged on social media, and no election cycle underway, Americans are now living in a different media ecosystem.Advertisement"The single most important thing was de-platforming Donald Trump," said Russell Muirhead, a Dartmouth University professor and co-author of A Lot of People Are Saying, a book whose title plays on one of Trump's most popular sayings, used when promoting unproven theories.

"It has removed a daily blizzard of misinformation from the ecosystem," Muirhead told AFP."Not being bombarded is helping people's misinformation immune systems to reset themselves and recover."Social media was long Trump's weapon of choice, letting him fire off comments without having to explain or back claims.

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Clown must be banned for life especially the POTUS Cheater and lier caught cheating once again.

Trump social media: Twitter suspends account sharing ex-president's postsThe social media platform said the account was trying to evade Mr Trump's Twitter ban

Facebook oversight board upholds Trump ban

Trump administration obtained phone records of journalists: Washington PostThe Trump administration secretly obtained the phone records of Washington Post journalists who reported on allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, the newspaper reported Friday, prompting concerns over freedom of speech.

Facebook oversight board upholds Trump banFacebook's independent oversight board on Wednesday upheld a ban on former US president Donald Trump while ordering further review of the case, in a decision with a potentially far-reaching impact on the regulation of online speech. If Muhammad Qasim’s dreams about failure of PMIK and chaos in Pakistan have come true, then his dreams about the development and prosperity of Pakistan will also come true in future. Learn why Qasim’s dreams are important. More on

Trump launches blog to spread election liesFormer President Donald Trump, whose accounts were suspended by Twitter and Facebook over his repeated, baseless assertions that the 2020 election was 'stolen,' launched a blog on Monday to continue spreading that bogus claim.