To curb Covid-19 spread, 'study break' for Pri 6 pupils before PSLE; 10-day home-based learning for Pri 1-5

To curb Covid-19 spread, 'study break' for Pri 6 pupils before PSLE; 10-day home-based learning for Pri 1-5

18/9/2021 4:43:00 AM

To curb Covid-19 spread, 'study break' for Pri 6 pupils before PSLE; 10-day home-based learning for Pri 1-5

SINGAPORE — To forestall a spike in Covid-19 cases before the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), Primary 6 pupils will be put on a study break from Sept 25 to 29, while those from Primary 1 to 5 will be on home-based learning from Sept 27 to Oct 6.

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Covid-19: From Oct 13, unvaccinated people not allowed to dine in or enter malls, attractions

SINGAPORE — Starting Wednesday (Oct 13) those who are not fully vaccinated will not be allowed entry into malls, large standalone stores, attractions, hawker centres and coffee shops, so as to protect them and reduce the strain on the healthcare system, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said.

“we don’t have a plan.” again?

Covid-19 cases doubling every 7 to 10 days but ‘encouraging’ that severe cases have not risen in tandem: MOHSINGAPORE — The number of Covid-19 cases has been doubling every seven to 10 days, but there are Define severe AT A GLANCE: Singapore has not seen anyone below 30 needing intensive care or dying from Covid-19, said MOH's director of medical services Kenneth Mak, referring to data from MOH. Read more: Welcome all vaccinated foreigners to Singapore to get positive together with all local people. Join us to risk your lives in our experiment to make a name of the country crazy enough to think 'endemic' is sustainable, herd immunity against new varaints doable, lives are cheap.

Sydney pilots COVID-19 home quarantine as Australia looks to reopen borderSYDNEY: Australian officials will trial a home quarantine system for fully vaccinated international travellers arriving in Sydney, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Friday (Sep 17), as the country moves to reopen its borders despite persistent COVID-19 cases. Australia closed its international bor

India breaks its COVID-19 vaccination record in 'birthday gift' to ModiNEW DELHI: India gave a record 22.6 million vaccinations on Friday (Sep 17), three times the average daily total during the past month, as some states organised special inoculation drives on Prime Minister Narendra Modi\u0027s birthday. The health minister called the vaccine milestone a birthday gift for Modi, First, they give him hell with Delta, now they give him gift with vaccination... brilliant journalism. No social distancing while in queue, can't wear masks properly, that sums up the problem.

Shots for shots: Los Angeles bars to require Covid vaccinesDrinkers in Los Angeles will need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 starting next month, authorities said Wednesday, as mandates spread across the United States.

Home recovery for fully vaccinated COVID patients aged 12-69: MOHThose who test positive and meet the criteria can begin their home recovery immediately, without having to be conveyed to a hospital or community care facility COVID19 Singapore

Covid-19: Travellers from Poland and Saudi Arabia to serve 7-day stay-home notice; those from Indonesia can transit in SingaporeSINGAPORE — The Ministry of Health (MOH) on Friday (Sept 17) added more countries to the lists under which travellers have to serve stay-home notices on arrival in Singapore, while easing transit restrictions for Indonesia. AT A GLANCE: What are the latest border measures for travellers to Singapore? ✈️ Find out more: