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TikTok owner ByteDance launches global hiring spree with 10,000 new jobs

TikTok owner ByteDance launches global hiring spree with 10,000 new jobs

15/4/2020 6:37:00 AM

TikTok owner ByteDance launches global hiring spree with 10,000 new jobs

SHANGHAI (BLOOMBERG) - ByteDance just kicked off a wave of hiring it envisions hitting 40,000 new jobs in 2020, hoping to match Alibaba's headcount at a time technology corporations across the globe are furloughing or reducing staff.. Read more at

The world's largest start-up is recruiting people for 10,000 open positions, of which about a third are high-level research or software coding jobs, according to an internal website provided to staff for candidate referrals and shared with Bloomberg. A ByteDance representative didn't respond to an emailed request for comment.

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New hires around the globe will support the Chinese company's universe of apps from video platform TikTok to news aggregator Toutiao, while strengthening its operations in new arenas such as e-commerce and gaming. It's the first salvo of ByteDance's goal to reach 100,000 staff globally by the end of the year, outlined by chief executive officer Zhang Yiming in an internal memo last month. Once complete, the company will boast roughly the same number of employees as tech giant Alibaba Group Holding.

ByteDance is seeking to consolidate its social media strongholds in China and the US while spurring expansions in new markets. Its hiring spree contrasts with other start-ups, including SoftBank-backed Oyo Hotels & Homes, Zume Pizza and Brandless, that have been cutting jobs or shutting down altogether.

As part of the recruitment drive launched last week, ByteDance is seeking to fill more than 100 vacancies in Mountain View - Google's home turf - from a summer software intern to a lead engineer for augmented reality and Apple iOS developer.Like rival Tencent Holdings, ByteDance's social media channels have seen usage spike after the Covid-19 pandemic confined millions of people to their homes. Now, as life in China begins to return to normal, the employee referral programme is looking to find candidates for some 9,900 positions, according to the website viewed by Bloomberg. Just over 1,100 of those openings were for interns as of midday Tuesday.

The job listings offer a rare window into how the eight-year-old Internet giant is investing in future growth. For example, it's seeking dozens of online tutors to capture China's online education boom during the virus outbreak, while acquiring talent for music licensing in places from Miami to Mumbai. The Chinese app factory is also orchestrating forays into gaming, live-streaming commerce and even enterprise software, taking on deeper-pocketed rivals like Tencent and Alibaba.

Overall, ByteDance is filling some 3,000 coding, engineering and research roles, and about as many positions in products and operations, according to calculations by Bloomberg. Beyond China, it's looking to boost headcount by adding more than 100 posts per location in London, Los Angeles, Mountain View and Singapore.

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