Covıd 19, Covıd-19, Coronavirus

Covıd 19, Covıd-19

Tighter COVID-19 measures important as Singapore is on a 'knife’s edge': Lawrence Wong

SINGAPORE: Singapore is now on a 'knife’s edge”, with community case numbers that could go either way over the next few weeks, said Minister for ...

11/5/2021 7:55:00 AM

Singapore on a 'knife's edge' with COVID19 community case numbers that could go either way in the next few weeks: Lawrence Wong in ministerial statement

SINGAPORE: Singapore is now on a 'knife’s edge”, with community case numbers that could go either way over the next few weeks, said Minister for ...

will be needed – as was the case with the TTSH cluster, he said.Mr Wong said that in that instance, authorities could not be sure if there were still hidden cases out there in the community, even after efforts to ring-fence cases.He acknowledged the fact that such measures pose “considerable inconvenience” to Singaporeans.

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Advertisement“There are several public holidays coming up in the month of May .... I know in particular this must be very disappointing for our Malay-Muslim community – having to observe these strict rules during Hari Raya and to curtail your normal family visits for a second year.

“Likewise for the Buddhist community during Vesak Day. I hope everyone understands why the latest measures are necessary. I thank everyone for taking the latest measures in your stride and seek your cooperation to abide by the rules – not just with the letter of the law but also the spirit of it,” he said.

He urged all to do their part, by working from home, cutting back on social activities, and staying home as much as possible during this period of tightened movement restrictions.SINGAPORE'S IMPROVED CAPABILITIESBut it is not the first time Singapore has had to deal with spikes in community cases, Mr Wong said, adding that the country’s capabilities have been significantly strengthened.

“Our testing capacity is much larger – we tested about 35,000 swabs per day in the past week, and have the lab capacity to test up to 73,000 per day, or even more with pooled testing,” he said.Trace Together and Safe Entry are also “more pervasive” now, meaning contact tracing can be done more quickly, he said.

He added that vaccination has been “a major game changer”.“We haven’t vaccinated everyone yet, but we have covered most of our older population as well as our healthcare and frontline workers at the air and sea ports and our Stay-Home Notice hotels and dormitories. This puts us in a much safer position,” he said.

Mr Wong also said that experience over the past year has shown that if the country acts swiftly to contain cases, test, and if all exercise individual and social responsibility, the spread of the virus can be suppressed.“We’ve brought down infection rates in the community before, and we can do it again this time,” he said.

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“THERE IS NO PLACE FOR DISCRIMINATION”Mr Wong also thanked frontline staff who have been fighting the virus for more than a year, saying the best way to support them was to take health measures seriously.This includes getting vaccinated when it is offered, he said.

He also urged against spreading falsehoods or unverified information that creates “needless fear”, or fosters “suspicions” in society.“This is not a Chinese virus or an Indian variant. This is a global pandemic – the virus and its variants are out there everywhere in the world.

“There is no place for discrimination, racism or xenophobia here,” he said.He added that Singapore has had its share of setbacks over the past year in its fight against COVID-19, but it has bounced back from them.Mr Wong said: “Let’s draw confidence from what we have been through; let’s brace ourselves for the rest of the marathon, complete the race together, and emerge stronger at the finish line.”

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You are absolutely right that the virus does not respect ethnicity or nationality... It only goes after the population of a country that has the weakest policies... Unfortunately you make us one of those. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Always like this.... blamed the citizen if things goes is never the faults of 4g leaders who dishes out the protocol. Just used the god given reserves.

Do not use political right to cover your fault! If you close border to India 3 days earlier, the situation would be much better. Claiming you're against racism when you bombard your citizens with propagandist superiority and embrace modern day slavery with migrant workers, who are treated like lower class human beings. Hypocrisy

At last a politician that speaks the truth. Just used the god given reserves.... Knives in knives bubbles here bubbles lanes here green lanes there......just shut the damn border n everybody the better for it. So it's everybody's fault if numbers increase except his government who have failed to implement a timely vaccination programme 🙄

Make vaccinations mandatory. Problem solved. You're welcome Singapore.

New COVID-19 measures in Singapore: What is allowed under the tighter restrictions?SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced tighter measures on Friday (May 14) after a spike in COVID-19 community cases. The new measures, ... PhosphorusIsIllegal GazzaUnderAttack GenocideinGaza do you care what happen in Gaza? BTW, who is the idiot decide to import the IndianVariant ? And now the people are suffering from their decision, again! leehsienloong PAPSingapore wpsg ProgressSgParty tocsg allsgstuff MothershipSG

Commentary: Some pain even as Singapore rises to the challenge of tighter COVID-19 measuresThe changing rules of this COVID-19 threat could mean on-off restrictions and the need for resilience to get through this pandemic. So’s very painful not some pain.where have you been?

Covid-19: Singapore ‘on knife’s edge’, community cases can go either way in coming weeks: Lawrence WongSINGAPORE — The number of Covid-19 community cases in Singapore could “go either way” in the next few weeks, but there is a chance the country can get the situation under control by the end of the month, said Education Minister Lawrence Wong on Tuesday (May 11). 'We are now on the knife’s edge and our community case numbers can go either way over the next few weeks. We have a chance of getting things under control by the end of the month,' said Education Minister Lawrence Wong.