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Healthy Meals, Frequent Consumption

This One Eating Habit Raises Your Risk of Early Death by 50%, Says Study

If you're eating out on a daily basis, you're not doing your body any favours.

3/4/2021 7:44:00 AM

If you're eating out on a daily basis, you're not doing your body any favours.

A new study just published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics contains some troubling news for people who have become addicted to take-out over the course of the last year. According to the research, which analyzed 15 years of dietary behavior among more than 35,000 adults aged 20 and older, “ frequent consumption ” of restaurant-made meals is strongly linked to early death.We’ve long known that a diet rich in decadent meals prepared in restaurant kitchens isn’t nearly as healthy as one rooted in home-made alternatives, but this new study is unique in that it quantifies just how bad eating out—or ordering too much delivery—could truly be for the sake of your lifespan.According to the researchers, who analyzed data provided by the National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey that polled more than 35,000 adults between the years of 1999 and 2014, those who ate two restaurant meals (or more) every day were more likely to die of any cause by 49%. They also had a 65% greater chance of dying from cancer. Over the course of the survey, 2,781 of the respondents died—511 of them were from heart disease and 638 of them were from cancer.“This is one of the first studies to quantify the association between eating out and mortality,” notes Wei Bao, MD, PhD, a professor at the University of Iowa, in the study’s official release. “Our findings, in line with previous studies, support that eating out frequently is associated with adverse health consequences and may inform future dietary guidelines to recommend reducing consumption of meals prepared away from home.”As we’ve reported time and again at Eat This, Not That!, eating healthy meals at many popular restaurants is truly difficult, given that so many of the meals are super high in calories and are overly packed with fat, sodium, and sugar. Even some of the “healthy” meals are secretly bad for you. Take the “SkinnyLicious Asian Chicken Salad” from Cheesecake Factory. All told, it rings it at 590 calori

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4 hours ago‘The Right Stuff’ Canceled After 1 Season at Disney+Disney+ has made its first scripted series cancellation with the National Geographic series “The Right Stuff” getting the ax after one season at the streamer, TheWrap has learned. Patrick J. Adams, Jake McDorman, Colin O’Donoghue, James Lafferty, Aaron Staton, Michael Trotter and Micah Stock starred as America’s first astronauts in the series, an eight-episode take on Tom Wolfe’s book about the early days of the U.S. space program. Warner Bros. Television has started shopping the series to other outlets, an individual with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap. The cancellation is said to be related to recent restructuring at Nat Geo. Should the series move forward with a different network, it could either be with the original cast in a different time period or with a new cast entirely. Also Read: Jake McDorman Nearly Puked Filming That Multi-Axis Training Scene in 'The Right Stuff' According to the individual, the majority of the cast have extended their contracts while WBTV shops a potential second season, but a second version being put forth would see the show jump ahead to the 1980s and focus on a new set of characters. Set in 1959 at the height of the Cold War, the first season of “The Right Stuff” centered on a group of NASA engineers, including rocket scientist Bob Gilruth (Fischler) and the passionate Chris Kraft (Ladin), working against the clock to beat the Soviet Union in the space race by being the first to put a man in space. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way and Warner Bros. Television produced “The Right Stuff” for Nat Geo. Showrunner Mark Lafferty (“Castle Rock,” “Halt and Catch Fire”) also serves as an executive producer along with Appian Way’s Jennifer Davisson and DiCaprio. Deadline first reported the news. Read original story ‘The Right Stuff’ Canceled After 1 Season at Disney+ At TheWrap

4 hours agoJames Gunn ‘Grateful’ After ‘The Suicide Squad’ Red Band Trailer Gets 150 Million ViewsDirector James Gunn is “grateful” after the red band trailer for “The Suicide Squad” set a new record for most views of a red band trailer in a week with over 150 million views worldwide. “I’m incredibly grateful to all of you for making this happen,” Gunn says in a post on Twitter. I just got word #TheSuicideSquad redband trailer set a new record for most views of a redband trailer in a week, with over 150 million views worldwide. I'm incredibly grateful to all of you for making this happen! THANK YOU! 🤯🙏🤯 — James Gunn (@JamesGunn) April 2, 2021 You can watch the red band trailer here. Also Read: 'The Suicide Squad' Rescues Harley Quinn and Confronts a Freakin' Kaiju in NSFW Trailer (Video) Right off the bat you can tell this is a James Gunn movie through and through. Unlike the brazen attempt to mimic “Guardians of the Galaxy” that the original “Suicide Squad” was cut into during post production, this is the real deal, full of Gunn touchstones like awkward banter, actually good jokes, and a soundtrack built on actually interesting choices and surprisingly deep cuts (in this case, Steely Dan’s excellent “Dirty Work”) instead of the most obvious, famous choices possible. That’s not all of course, the trailer is also full of action and hilarity — our personal favorite is Peacemaker’s uh, commitment to patriotism. And we were not prepared for the reveal that Sylvester Stallone is the voice of King Shark, but believe us, we’re in. If you can’t watch, Idris Elba plays Bloodsport, John Cena plays Peacemaker, Peter Capaldi plays Thinker, Pete Davidson plays Black Guard, Alice Braga plays Sol Soria, Sean Gunn plays Weasel, Mayling Ng plays Mangal and Michael Rooker plays Savant. And yes, we want to remind you that Stallone is the voice of King Shark. Meanwhile, from the 2016 first film, Margot Robbie returns as Harley Quinn, Joel Kinnaman returns as Rick Flag, Viola Davis once again plays ARGUS head and Suicide Squad handler Amanda Waller, and Jai Courtney once again plays Captain Boomerang. As the title card in the trailer says, “From The Horribly Beautiful Mind of James Gunn” comes the not-a-sequel to 2016’s “Suicide Squad” that hits theaters Aug. 6, 2021. No word of course, on whether the cast got silly “Skwad” tattoos like with the last movie, but we just wanted to make sure you know we remember that happened. As TheWrap first reported, Gunn wrote the script and will have a completely new take on the property, in which DC supervillains are recruited by the government to carry out secret missions too dirty for the likes of Superman and Batman. The first “Suicide Squad,” which starred Will Smith and Margot Robbie, earned nearly $750 million worldwide on a $175 million budget before promotion and advertising. The film also launched Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Jared Leto’s take on The Joker. But it was not exactly a beloved film — it’s unpopular with critics and fans alike. Read original story James Gunn ‘Grateful’ After ‘The Suicide Squad’ Red Band Trailer Gets 150 Million Views At TheWrap

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