The Singaporean chef serving ‘high-class Hainanese chicken rice’ to Hong Kong diners

The Singaporean chef serving ‘high-class Hainanese chicken rice’ to Hong Kong diners

22/4/2021 2:00:00 AM

The Singaporean chef serving ‘high-class Hainanese chicken rice’ to Hong Kong diners

At one of Hong Kong’s hottest restaurants, Batard – which has a three-month wait list – chef Aven Lau is dishing up big plates to pair with the fine wine selection. One of the signature dishes? Lau’s take on Hainanese chicken rice.

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High class chicken rice 😂🤣 Thanks for telling Carrie Lam that Hong Kong is the best place for food and we don’t need to go elsewhere to enjoy Hainanese chicken rice. You just can’t imagine her desire of expelling youngsters from Hong Kong. This one sounds delicious

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