The race to vaccinate: Why Africa is struggling to get Covid jabs

The race to vaccinate: Why Africa is struggling to get Covid jabs

26/9/2021 5:15:00 AM

The race to vaccinate: Why Africa is struggling to get Covid jabs

JOHANNESBURG — Vaccines were promoted as a silver bullet to end the pandemic, the path to finally beating Covid-19.

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Covid-19: Coffee shops must designate ‘fixed point’, such as drinks stall, to check patrons’ vaccination status

But but.. Pfizer ceo said the company is making money and ppl are thanking him for saving the world Stupid vaccination policy

Commentary: How to live with long COVID if we don’t understand it?Much is unknown about the long term effects of a COVID-19 infection, but new research continues to emerge at an unparalleled pace, say David Matchar and Emily Matchar. 感染了病毒就呆在家裏睡懶覺吧! Is this called : Blind leading the blind ? Exactly

France to double COVID-19 vaccine doses for poorer countriesPARIS: France will double the number of vaccine doses it will send to poorer countries to 120 million, President Emmanuel Macron pledged on Saturday (Sep 25), in a video broadcast during the Global Citizen concert in Paris. \u0022The injustice is that in other continents, obviously, vaccination is very late,\u0022 h

India to export 8 million COVID-19 jabs in OctoberNEW DELHI: India will export 8 million COVID-19 vaccine jabs by the end of October after ending its ban on sending doses abroad, a top foreign ministry official said Saturday (Sep 25). Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised to resume exports at a meeting of leaders from the so-called Quad in Washington

'Soul-crushing': US COVID-19 deaths are topping 1,900 a dayCOVID-19 deaths in the U.S. have climbed to an average of more than 1,900 a day for the first time since early March, with experts saying the virus is preying largely on a distinct group: 71 million unvaccinated Americans. The increasingly lethal turn has filled hospitals, complicated the start of the school year, delayed the return to offices and demoralized health care workers. “It is devastating,' said Dr. Dena Hubbard, a pediatrician in the Kansas City, Missouri, area who has cared for babies delivered prematurely by cesarean section in a last-ditch effort to save their mothers, some of whom died.

Nowhere left for Covid to go to mutate into a deadly variant, says Oxford vaccine creatorThe lead scientist behind the Oxford vaccine said that viruses tended to become less virulent over time as they spread through a population which was becoming more immune.

Severe COVID-19 may trigger autoimmune conditions; New variants cause more virus in the airSevere COVID-19 may trick the immune system into producing so-called autoantibodies that have the potential to eventually attack healthy tissue and cause inflammatory diseases, researchers warned in a paper published in Nature Communications. For 48 COVID-19 patients, the researchers had blood samples taken over different days, including the day of hospital admission, allowing them to track the development of the autoantibodies. 'Within a week... about 20% of these patients had developed new antibodies to their own tissues that weren't there the day they were admitted,' study leader Dr. Paul Utz of Stanford University said in a news release.