The Big Read: Covid-19 ruined their promising business, but some entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to try again

24/4/2021 11:30:00 AM

The Big Read: Covid-19 decimated their promising business but some entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to try again

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2 influencers face deportation from Bali over painted-on face mask prank

“Don’t give up. As long as I am still alive, there is hope. Once you give up on yourself, no one can help you. My mentality is that,” said one entrepreneur who had to also deal with severe setbacks in his personal life. Read more here:

Rush to hospitals, big gatherings worsen India COVID crisis - WHOPeople in India are rushing unnecessarily to hospital, exacerbating a crisis over surging COVID-19 infections caused by mass gatherings, more contagious variants and low vaccination rates, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday. India's death toll is now pushing towards 200,000, and hospitals that do not have enough oxygen supplies and beds are turning away coronavirus patients. The WHO is providing critical equipment and supplies to India, including 4,000 oxygen concentrators, which only require an energy source, WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said.

Did 'getai' artist Wang Lei breach Covid rules with a big birthday party?Singapore—Popular local 'getai' artist Wang Lei recently celebrated his birthday, as evident on his Facebook feed. But some netizens are wondering if Mr

Japan bank lending slows sharply as big firms emerge from COVID-19 strainsJapan's bank lending slowed sharply in April as corporate fund demand stabilised from last year's pandemic-driven spike, data showed on Thursday, ...

The Big Read: To stop abuse of foreign domestic workers, stop the power imbalanceThe reticence of several other domestic helpers interviewed has been prompted by various factors, including the feeling they have no one to turn ... Impossible due to nature of relationship. Psych eval families who want to hire maids and if they fail they can’t have any.

The Big Read: To stop maid abuse, stop the power imbalance

The Big Read: To stop maid abuse, stop the power imbalance