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The Bidens Wore Sparkles, Suiting, and Sneakers for Inauguration Night

The first family wore Gabriela Hearst, Ralph Lauren, Markarian, Rodarte, and more.

22/1/2021 9:30:00 AM

For Inauguration Night, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden opted for another dress and coat ensemble, this time in white with floral embroidery, by Gabriela Hearst . The choice of white is often worn by women on the world stage as an ode to women suffragists.

The first family wore Gabriela Hearst , Ralph Lauren, Markarian, Rodarte, and more.

Three more episodes of “Search Party” dropped Thursday and as the story unfolds, Dory (Alia Shawkat) gets an odd gift — three Barbie-sized doll replicas of her friends. The dolls were made by artist Cyrus Bronock, who was enlisted by HBO to design miniature likenesses of the “Search Party” trio and has made many others, including several of Barbara Streisand and a figurine of Sarah Michelle Gellar in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” The creepy likenesses of Drew Gardner (John Reynolds), Portia Davenport (Meredith Hangar) and Elliot (John Early) are supposed to be created by Dory’s captor Chip (Cole Escola), a deranged twink who is keeping her locked in the basement of his aunt’s house. There’s also a model of Dory, as well as the dead Keith (Ron Livingston) and April (Phoebe Tyers). Bronock told Slate that he’s also made several Mariah Carey dolls and that the pop star “owns a few of them.” The dolls are all detailed replicas of the characters and their outfits are from the first and second seasons of “Search Party.” Some even come with accessories — Drew’s doll is holding a scaled-down version of the obelisk he used to bash Keith’s head in, while the Portia doll is wearing a gigantic (fake) gold cross. Also Read: 'Search Party' Sneaked the Co-Creator's Instagram Into Season 4 “For Portia’s necklace, I bought a little bag full of various crosses, knowing that at least one would have to work,” Bronock said of his process. “For the obelisk, I sculpted the top part and the bottom part is a little, tiny tester spool of thread, without the thread on it.” The details in the dolls did not come quickly for Bronock. He said the creations “usually take about three to five full days of work,” and added, “I hand-sew about 95% of the clothes.” You can find more of Bronock’s doll creations on his Instagram page. The “Search Party” actors also got to meet their doll selves. John Reynolds said in a recent video that while he appreciated Drew’s “wise hands” and “taut ass,” he thought the doll was scary and added, “I would absolutely not put this doll on display in my house.” John Early met his doll version of Elliot and was impressed by the level of detail. His Elliot doll is dressed in the iconic “no no no” outfit Elliot wears in season 2 while he’s supposed to be incognito, snooping around a department store with Portia. Early said he was impressed with Bronock’s attention to detail and said he thought the doll “totally nailed Elliot’s spirit.” “There’s one eyebrow kind of cocked, it’s giving this air of like, don’t talk to me,” Early said.”It’s bringing up a lot of things for me … Mostly just kind of confirming that I look like a late-career Jeff Daniels,” he joked. Also Read: Is There a New Episode of Bill Maher's 'Real Time' Airing This Week? Bronock said the Elliot doll was the most difficult for him to finish. “I love John Early — he’s hilarious, and such an amazing actor. But it feels like every time I look at a picture of him, he looks like a different person,” Bronock said. “Usually the more gentle a person’s facial features are, the more difficult it is to capture their likeness. With a couple of the dolls, I had to do three or four different sculpts before I got the right one.” In the show, after she meets the dolls, Dory instantly loves her new freaky friends, which annoys Chip — he’s trying to make her believe that her friends committed the murders she landed on trial for in Season 3 and is using the dolls as a weird immersion “therapy” technique. Later, in an extremely uncanny valley move, Chip builds a model of the crime scene where Dory and Drew killed Keith and makes her re-enact the events the night of the murder with the dolls, who later morph into their humanoid selves as she plays out the scene. “Search Party” is coming to HBO Max in installments. The first six episodes are available now, and the final four will be released Jan. 28 at midnight PT/ 3 a.m. ET. Read original story ‘Search Party’ Season 4: How Dory’s Scary Barbie Dolls Were Made At TheWrap

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5 hours ago‘Walker': Genevieve Padalecki on Emily’s Mysterious Death and That Poker Chip(Warning: This post contains spoilers for the series premiere of “Walker.”) The CW’s “Walker” closed its series premiere Thursday with more questions than answers about the death of Cordell Walker’s (Jared Padalecki) wife, Emily (played by the actor’s real-life wife, Genevieve Padalecki). And though you might want those answers right away, Genevieve Padalecki told TheWrap it’s going to be a while before you find out the truth behind Emily’s mysterious demise on a night when she and her friend Geri (Odette Annable) were on a routine trip to drop off food and water to stations in the Austin, Texas desert. “I think there’s a lot of twists and turns throughout the season that I think are going to be super infuriating for fans,” Padalecki said. “Like, ‘Ah! Why! Why!’ And then they’re going to have a lot of satisfactory moments and gratification, for sure. It is going to be a wild ride and I don’t think anyone will be disappointed in this ride. And I think that — don’t assume that you know what’s going on.” Oh, we’re not assuming we know what’s going on at all. But here is what we do know so far. Also Read: 'Walker': Genevieve Padalecki on 'Gravity' of Playing Real-Life Husband Jared's Onscreen Dead Wife Emily and Cordell see each other one last time before her death, when they meet up before he heads off to the family’s game night with their children — Stella (Violet Brinson) and August (Kale Culley) — and his parents, and she goes on her trip to delivery supplies with Geri. That night, he gets a text from Emily that reads, “SOS. Answer.” Cordell walks away from his family’s game night fun to call his wife and hears her say, “Something’s not right,” as we see her running through the desert at night. Then we hear gun shots and the line goes dead. Walker calls his wife back, but she doesn’t answer — because she’s lying on the ground, covered in blood and close to death. The premiere jumps ahead from that night to 10 months after Emily’s death, when Cordell has returned home from an undercover mission. He’s still obsessed with his wife’s death, constantly flipping a poker chip she had on her that night for some reason that he cannot figure out. Also Read: How 'Walker' Reboot Writers Adjusted Texas Ranger Series After 2020 BLM Protests Walker runs into Geri during the episode, and the two talk about how she still doesn’t have answers to what really went on that night. Later, Cordell beats up a perp for calling him the Texas Ranger whose wife “bit a bullet down by the border” and saying that Walker “couldn’t protect her.” That irks Walker, who tells his brother, Liam (Keegan Allen) there is still something fishy here, even though Liam reminds him a man named Carlos Mendoza confessed to the crime. “Her eyes, they were closed when they found her body, like somebody took the time to lay her to rest,” he says, adding, “What am I missing?” Well, Cordell, we can’t wait to find out. “Walker” airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW. Read original story ‘Walker': Genevieve Padalecki on Emily’s Mysterious Death and That Poker Chip At TheWrap

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