Thai sniffer dogs can detect Covid-19 in sweat, project shows

18/3/2021 4:16:00 AM

Thai sniffer dogs can detect Covid-19 in sweat, project shows

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1.8 million people have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine: Health minister

A total of 1.2 million people have completed the full vaccination regimen, says Mr Gan Kim Yong.

Risk from COVID-19 variants remains after first Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, UK study findsLONDON :A single dose of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine may not generate a sufficient immune response to protect against dominant new variants, ... 所以那些還沒有完成接種第二針疫苗的國家是不能對印度,巴基斯坦,尼泊爾,斯里蘭卡開放的。 3rd and 4th doses coming your way. Then 5th and 6th......... WHILE VIRYS MUTATES

Biden targets Apr 19 for wider US COVID-19 vaccine deliveryPresident Joe Biden will announce on Tuesday (Apr 6) that the United States has administered 150 million COVID-19 shots since he took office and ...

All American adults to be eligible for COVID-19 vaccine by Apr 19: BidenWASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden on Tuesday (Apr 6) moved up the COVID-19 vaccine eligibility target for all American adults to Apr 19, but ...

7 more workers at Westlite Woodlands dorm test positive for Covid-19, bringing total to 19SINGAPORE — Seven more workers from the Westlite Woodlands dormitory have tested positive for Covid-19 after recovering from past infections, bringing the total number of cases at the dormitory to 19, the Ministry of Manpower clarified on Thursday (April 22). Must have returned India and back... It's normal. Vaccine working. Give it some time. Ensure that they spread more to do litmus test to the said vaccine.

Sweden registers 7,736 new COVID-19 cases, 19 deaths on ThursdaySweden, which has shunned lockdowns throughout the pandemic, registered 7,736 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, health agency statistics showed.

Malaysia to start Phase 2 of COVID-19 vaccinations on Apr 19PUTRAJAYA: The second phase of Malaysia's national vaccination exercise - which will prioritise the elderly, those with morbidity problems and ...