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Taiwan says HK tycoon asset freeze a warning to global investors

Taiwan says HK tycoon asset freeze a warning to global investors

15/5/2021 9:17:00 AM

Taiwan says HK tycoon asset freeze a warning to global investors

Taiwan warned on Saturday that Hong Kong 's decision to freeze assets belonging to jailed media tycoon Jimmy Lai was a sign to the international ...

BusinessTaiwan warned on Saturday that Hong Kong's decision to freeze assets belonging to jailed media tycoon Jimmy Lai was a sign to the international community that doing business in the Chinese-controlled city was becoming increasingly risky.FILE PHOTO: Media mogul Jimmy Lai, founder of Apple Daily, leaves the Court of Final Appeal by prison van in Hong Kong, China February 9, 2021. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

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15 May 2021 02:00PMShare this contentBookmarkTAIPEI: Taiwan warned on Saturday that Hong Kong's decision to freeze assets belonging to jailed media tycoon Jimmy Lai was a sign to the international community that doing business in the Chinese-controlled city was becoming increasingly risky.

The asset freeze, announced on Friday, includes all shares in his company, Next Digital - the first time a listed firm has been target by national security laws in the financial hub.AdvertisementAdvertisementShortly before the announcement, the Taiwan arm of Lai's popular Apple Daily said it would stop publishing its print version, blaming declining advertising revenue and more difficult business conditions in Hong Kong linked to politics.

In a statement sent to Reuters, Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council said the asset seizure highlighted the threat Hong Kong's national security law posed to the property of the city's people."It is equivalent to announcing to the international community that Hong Kong's business risks are increasing," the council added.

"We also once again call on relevant parties to stop suppressing Hong Kong democrats, otherwise they will drift away from popular sentiment."AdvertisementAdvertisementThe former British colony of Hong Kong has been rocked by protests against its Beijing-backed government in recent years and last year China imposed a tough new national security law on the city.

China denies it is aimed at taking away people's freedoms and is needed to return law and order to Hong Kong.Chinese-claimed Taiwan has a rambunctious democracy and a free media and its government has been strongly critical of the crackdown in Hong Kong, to Beijing's anger.

Lai was sentenced to 14 months in prison for taking part in unauthorised assemblies during pro-democracy protests in 2019.(Reporting by Ben Blanchard; Editing by Sam Holmes) Read more: CNA »

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HongKong will no longer be a financial hub soon given how the government can freely freeze someone’s asset under the dictatorship. StandWithHongKong your assets are no longer secured in hk if you are a democracy fighter StandWithHongKong JimmyLai And HK Quisling regime said investors are more and more confident in HK as draconian national security laws are forced by China. I wonder if they keep the same thoughts when Chin gov are seizing their assets.

HK is so called a financial hub, now the gov’t show the world how it is deteriorating, how they use power to interfere the market by destroying any companies they like Wonderful news. Jail the barking dog of the dictator states of america They all bought by USA and they are mob and traitors. They richly deserved the punishment they received! Don’t forget Taiwan is a province of China!

communism in the so called international financial centre? Stop trade deals with China. AntiNaziChina Jimmy Lai fled China for HK because of the freedom that the UK offered. But just because he speaks the truth when chinazi is taking over HK, he faced the political imprisonment for China to show how it crackdowns any opinions standwithhongkong neverforgetneverforgive

NationalSecurityLaw is used to suppress dissent. Hong Kong’s no longer an international trading hub; businesses should quit Hong Kong market or else CCP may forfeit their assets someday. All JimmyLai did was to stand firm against China and fight for democracy. FreeJimmyLai Hongkong people never give up

A totalitarian regime always has its unique way to define Press freedom = persecuting journalists and newspapers Int'l financial centre = a place trampling private property rights StandWithHongKong FreeJimmyLai FreeAgnesChow FreeJoshuaWong save12hkyouths Free47 China is a Nazi-Communist regime. Without a doubt, such regime arbitrarily freezes personal assets

National security law is evil, it aims at persecuting dissidents even though they did nothing wrong, the law is manipulated by the CCP to crackdown on freedom, in the means of freezing the assets, remanding without reason, depriving speech freedom. It is not the first time HK government freezes the assets of the pro-democracy party without justifiable reasons. Private property is nothing in front of National Security Law. HongKong , a Chinese financial centre where private property is not protected. standwithHongKong

kerokero_HKer No matter how evil the CCP Chinazi NSL are No matter how brutal the HKPolice is, HKer & freedom-fighters still fighting for justice, HumanRights & democracy 💪🏿😠 Never Give Up! StandWithHongKong HongKong HongKonger HumanitarianCrisis Save12 Free47 MilkTeaAlliance kerokero_HKer The World should say no to Tyranny! . Although facing the evil Chinazi, NationalSecurityLaw & PoliceBrutality, Hongkongers are not giving up! Sanction XiJinPing, CarrieLam, HKGov & CCP Officals! FreeHK SOSHK Hongkong SAVE12 Free47 StandWithHongKong AntiChinazi

Free all HongKong political prisoners! Fuck the CCP tyranny! Fight for freedom, StandWithHongKong! CCP_is_terrorist FreeJimmyLai kerokero_HKer Hongkonger & our friends are under HumanitarianCrisis now :( Pls dont give up HK in this big crisis, HKer not surrender! Still fighting for justice, HumanRight & democracy! Dear world, StandWithHK! SOSHK FreeHK save12hkyouth HongKongNeedsHelp

kerokero_HKer HongKonger is resisting the evil CCP Chinazi & its shameless puppets for long time.. So much pain, PoliceBrutality, Exhausted & Traumatized.. but HKer is not going to give up hope, justice & humanright.. HongKongProtester HongKongNeedsHelp FreeHK Free47 StandWithHK kerokero_HKer Say No to Tyranny! As a Hongkonger, my dream is simple but difficult.. So difficult for HK to have justice, HumanRight, liberty & democracy.. But We’re still fighting! Save12 Free47 No PoliceBrutality, CCP Chinazi Totalitarianism! StandWithHongKong StandWithHK

Persecution of journalists is on-going! Core issue is persecutional power under NationalSecurityLaw damaging the freedom of HK's expat capital asset Where the red line & When will CCP & its puppets freeze ours if ours policy contradicts to NSL ? Pls. review your portfolio HK pro-demo protesters are deeply oppressed by CCP. They're silenced, or fleeing & lobby for HK, or detained w/o bail or jailed. But they still fighting for HK freedom. CCP can't be trusted, they ruin world peace & freedom. CCP must be isolated & eliminated. standwithhk

an “international financial centre” that can arbitrarily freeze someone’s asset? wt a joke hongkong is the same with china, your assets is not yours SSILoveHK of course it is. but most of the investors are blinded by the potential business opportunities in the authoritarian state.... there're signs everywhere in the past few years but everytime they've chosen to ignore it.

Taiwan is known for gangster politics. The NationalSecurityLaw gives CCP power to freeze and seize the assets of those they consider to be endangering national security. It probably only takes one button to freeze all your assets too. No more Freedom and Democracy in HongKong now. HK is totally off and become the NewBerlin under the NationalSecurityLaw. OneCountryTwoSystemIsDead. HongKongers, even non-HKer not in HK is suffering in that law. StandWithHongKong FreeHongKong

After this latest move on Jimmy Lai, the number should go up way more. Interesting to see how Hong Kong dismantled its reputation of intl financial hub together with its people’s freedom. A strong evidence showing HongKong is no longer a safe place for business StandWithHongKong

This showed Hong Kong is no longer a free international financial centre. CCPChina HongKong FreeHongKong No one should invest in Hong Kong under communist rule. Political persecution HongKong DefendingHongKong FreeHK SOSHK HongKongPoliceTerrorists PoliceBrutal PoliceState HKers Save12HKYouths save12hkyouth BoycottChina CCP_is_terrorist FreePress AntiChinazi 香港人12人の若者を助けて 12홍콩인을구해주세요 12युवाओंकोबचाओ Save12 HumanRights

Free Jimmy Lai Terrible and horrific action of CCP FreeHongKong StandWithHongKong FreeJimmyLai CCP_is_terrorist milkteaalliance NationalSecurityLaw Under NationalSecurityLaw by CCP , no one is safe! Please take a look at HK and antichinazi together! Anyway , freezing of assets not only happen in HK , Singapore also got .....

Oh yeah , its a warning dont fuck around with China , if not happy , can fuck the hell off , dont caused trouble in HK Kafka60613837 only suckers do biz with china Hunterwolfwang How many more Jack Ma

Before the trial and conviction, he has go to jail. Now also to freeze his assets. Hong Kong is no longer the rule of law and rule by totalitarian. CCP_is_terrorist HumanRightsViolations BoycottBeijing2022 OnecountryTwoSystemsIsDead CCPLiedPeopleDied Stand with hk,fight for freedom,save 12 hk youths.Also,concern Myanmar issue,support them and respect.Hope foreign countries can take action to help HK and Myanmar,thanks.Taiwan was being affected by CCP virus,bless them and provide some materials to help them.Concern HK more,thx

国民党资产呢? Get out while you still can. Tesla learnt the hard way with technology stolen and investments in limbo. Foreign investors ‘corpses’ littered the CCP China scam market and yet he went in. You can’t earn all the money. Peace of mind is important. Decouple from the hideous CCP China. Taiwan is the disrupter of economies. Global investors should add value to the nation economies and to enhance reputation being a valued investors.

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