Staying sane while staying home: Why people lose their temper and ways to manage anger

Staying sane while staying home: Why people lose their temper and ways to manage anger

23/5/2020 6:02:00 AM

Staying sane while staying home: Why people lose their temper and ways to manage anger

SINGAPORE — A 14-year-old teenager threatening to kill his father after being asked to lower the volume of the television. A heated argument between siblings ending with physical wounds. A heavily pregnant mother under stress screaming uncontrollably at her four children.

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True. Nowadays din c those err 'influencers' touting sweet nothings abt their loved ones/significant others. Reality hits home? ROFLMAO Talk is so cheap these days... I'd like to see mental health experts be confined in a room fill with people they hate and check results aired live... Maybe that is the calm for many.

Is this worth it?

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