Icymı, Starawards 2021

Icymı, Starawards 2021

Star Awards 2021: Zoe Tay, Qi Yuwu and the rest of the winners

#ICYMI Here’s what the @mediacorp stars had to say about being part of this year’s #StarAwards2021 after a year’s break

19/4/2021 5:49:00 AM

ICYMI Here’s what the mediacorp stars had to say about being part of this year’s StarAwards2021 after a year’s break

Meanwhile, Bryan Wong and Kym Ng bagged Best Supporting Actor and Actress, respectively, while A Quest To Heal won for Best Drama Serial.

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2 influencers face deportation from Bali over painted-on face mask prank

To Singapore.... Channel News Asia. Singapore Police Report no D20180718/2021 , International Corruption, Transnational Crimes. Organized Crime. Email gr4331623gmail.com While haven’t been watching local shows much, I have to admit, the organisation of the event is really quite ingenious. Safe distancing and trying to keep the travel industry in people’s mind share.

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Dennis Chew Thanks His “Bro” Romeo Tan For His “Chivalry” During Star Awards 2021

Insta-Buzz: What The Stars Got Up To After Star Awards 2021

No wefies, no hugs: How celebs got ready backstage for Star Awards 2021In the hours leading up to Star Awards 2021, CNA Lifestyle hung out backstage with artistes and nominees as they got glammed up. Who's happy to be out of their sweatpants? Who desperately wants to win? And who doesn't want to win? This MediaCorp so call star award show is so laughable. The Singapore MediaCorp is so small and no one gives sh*t about this pathetic award show

Star Awards 2021 Fashion: See All The Red Carpet Looks HereFrom beggars to drag queens, sneakers with suits to an idiot who forgotten to wear a shirt under the suit clowns Like so big a deal hor mediacorp ? Can't roll my eyes n puke enough at your awards show.

Star Awards 2021: The Complete List Of Winners