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Squid Game costumes hit S. Korean labor rally

WATCH: Squid Game costumes hit S Korean labour rally

21/10/2021 5:52:00 PM

WATCH: Squid Game costumes hit S Korean labour rally

Thousands of members of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions ( KCTU ) took part in nationwide demonstrations, according to the group.Unionists dressed up in pink jumpsuits and masks with white circle , square or triangle symbols worn by guards in ' Squid Game ' were seen beating drums to loud music and dancing.The Seoul city government said on Thursday (October 21) it had filed a police complaint against the group for defying COVID-19 curbs by staging illegal protests, violating the infectious disease prevention law. Only one-person protests are allowed in the capital and surrounding areas under current social distancing rules.The restrictions violate the basic rights granted by the Constitution and it is unfair that outdoor rallies are seen as more dangerous than sporting events where more spectators are allowed, KCTU spokesman Han Sang-jin told Reuters, when asked about the police complaint .

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India is celebrated the milestone of administering 1 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses with a song and dance.The government on Thursday (October 21) promoted the achievement with musical and other programs across the country.And special illuminations of national monuments - even as a recent drop in inoculations worries healthcare providers.Prime Minister Narendra Modi marked the occasion by meeting staff at a hospital in New Delhi."October 21, 2021, has been scripted in history as India has crossed the 100 crore (one billion) mark of administering COVID-19 vaccine doses. Now, the country has a strong shield of 100 crore vaccine doses to fight the biggest pandemic in the last 100 years."Rajesh Dere is a health care worker at a vaccination center."It's like a festival for us as 100 crore (one billion) doses have been administered and with the efforts of everyone the pandemic has been controlled in Maharashtra and the entire country."The World Health Organization (WHO), which relies heavily on India for supplies to its global vaccine-sharing platform COVAX, congratulated the country for reaching the landmark.After a slow start in January, India's immunization campaign has covered three-quarters of its 944 million adults with at least one dose but only 31% have received both doses.Nearly 90% of the vaccines administered have come from the Serum Institute of India.It produces a licensed version of the AstraZeneca drug..The SII has more than tripled its capacity since April and can now produce 220 million vaccine doses a month.Ministry officials are urging people to get vaccinated fast, especially as the ongoing festival season of family gatherings and mass shopping raise the risk of a new wave of infections.

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Seoul files complaint against unionists who rallied in 'Squid Game' costumeThe Seoul city government said on Thursday it had filed a police complaint against members of South Korea's main labour group who, wearing outfits of megahit ' Squid Game ', defied COVID-19 curbs to protest for more jobs and better work conditions. Thousands of members of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions ( KCTU ) staged a nationwide demonstration on Wednesday, according to the group, including in downtown Seoul, where dozens of members dressed up in flamboyant jumpsuits and masks worn by actors in the Netflix show. Made in South Korea, the nine-part thriller, in which cash-strapped contestants play deadly childhood games in a bid to win 45.6 billion won ($38 million), became a worldwide sensation for Netflix when it premiered in September.

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Thousands of union workers dressed in 'Squid Game' costumes rallied in South Korea, calling on the government to improve workers' rightsSome union workers at the protest said, like the characters in the show, 'they too are struggling to make a living,' a journalist tweeted.

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