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Covıd-19, Coronavirus

Some Singapore private healthcare firms considering importing more vaccines as demand for non-mRNA vaccines soars

Some Singapore private healthcare firms considering importing more vaccines as demand for non-mRNA vaccines soars

23/6/2021 1:50:00 PM

Some Singapore private healthcare firms considering importing more vaccines as demand for non-mRNA vaccines soars

SINGAPORE: At least two private healthcare institutions are considering bringing in more vaccines, including China's Sinovac and Sinopharm shots, ...

StarMed Specialist Centre at Farrer Park Station Rd. (Photo: Neo Rong Wei)Dr Tan said his centre is currently administering around 80 doses a day and has vaccinated more than 200 patients since it received its first shipment of Sinovac shots last Friday. The second shipment of 200 doses arrived on Monday.

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“We’re going to keep at this (pace) for a while, then maybe a month later, we’ll step it up to 120 doses a day,” he said.Advertisement“The rationale is because a month later is when people need to start coming in for the second dose so ... if I can only take in 80 vaccinations per day, it would mean that - one month later - I won't be able to vaccinate new patients anymore.”

He added that more than 4,000 people have scheduled vaccination appointments at the centre, with bookings running up to the end of September.READ: Some Singapore private healthcare providers consider offering Sinovac's COVID-19 vaccine after WHO approval

Thomson Wellth Clinic, which also received its first shipment of Sinovac vaccines last Friday, said it has been managing appointment bookings for more than 1,500 individuals who registered their interest to receive the Sinovac vaccine.It said it is able to administer about 150 vaccinations a day and has vaccinated about 400 people so far.

“The clinic has a large seating area which can accommodate high throughput, with adequate safe-distancing measures in place, as such, the clinic is able to comfortably accept walk-in patients and if we have spare capacity, they can receive their vaccinations on the spot,” said Thomson Medical spokesperson.

“We are prepared to extend our operating hours to meet demand, if necessary.”REPORTING SIDE EFFECTS FROM SINOVAC VACCINESClinics CNA spoke to said they had a reporting protocol in place to document data related to the Sinovac vaccine. This includes collecting data on serious adverse side effects from the vaccine.

Ms Serena Wee, chief executive of Icon Cancer Centre Farrer Park, told CNA that a dedicated phone line has been set up for patient to report any reactions from the vaccine.A woman receiving a dose of the Sinovac vaccine. (Photo: Icon Cancer Centre Farrer Park)

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To date, the centre has received only one report from a patient who developed a rash after the injection, said Ms Wee, adding that the case has been recorded and reported to MOH.Thomson Wellth Clinic and StarMed Specialist Centre told CNA that they have not observed any serious reactions, such as anaphylaxis, so far.

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What lies? What are the options? And when an option is available what is the response? Put on a thinking cap, if you have one. Moreover, the reported efficacies of 90% were based solely on limited studies (small cohorts of non-diversified populations) of short timeframe. In contrast, vaccines developed with decades old methodology are considered safer and more reliable.

This shows that many Singaporeans are well-informed. While mRNA-based vaccine is undeniably a recent scientific breakthrough, pharmacological studies e.g. toxicity & pharmacokinetics have not been well-documented in human bodies Sinovac vaccines aren’t as effective as the others. If the delta variant spread becomes uncontrollable there must be a plan to put these Sinovac folks away so that they do not end up infecting the vulnerables. The country’s economy has to open up fully and soon.

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