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Ong Ye Kung, Lawrence Wong

Singapore to ramp up plans to handle 5,000 daily new COVID cases: Ong Ye Kung

JUST IN: Singapore to ramp up plans to handle 5,000 daily new COVID cases: Ong Ye Kung

24/9/2021 1:33:00 PM

JUST IN: Singapore to ramp up plans to handle 5,000 daily new COVID cases: Ong Ye Kung

Singapore will start ramping up plans to be ready to handle 5,000 daily new COVID-19 cases, said Health Minister Ong Ye Kung on Friday (24 September), amid an ongoing coronavirus surge that is rising much quicker than projected.

on Thursday.Singapore is expected to enter the "fifth doubling cycle" with 3,200 new cases in eight days, said the taskforce co-chair."Whether it gallops there, or whether it slows down and reaches there slowly – this is something we need to observe. What we do know is that no transmission wave lasts forever," Ong noted, adding that despite strict safe management measures in place, "the Delta variant doesn't follow our script".

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"It transmitted through the community and is driving up daily cases much more quickly than we expected before our ramped-up plans are fully implemented, before our support systems are fully in place," he added.With the ramping up of ICU bed capacity and more resources assigned to the home recovery programme at a faster pace, Singapore's healthcare system can cope with 2,000 to 2,500 new cases a day but it will be "quite stretched", Ong said.

At about 1,600 daily new cases, Singapore is looking at about 26 cases per 100,000 population per day, he added."This is lower than what is experienced in UK and the US now, which are seeing about 40 to 50 cases, but higher than many other European countries seeing about seven to 10 cases, that have reached an equilibrium, such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain."

The exponential rise in infections over a very short period of time during the Preparatory Phase – in place since 19 August – has put Singapore's healthcare system and workers under tremendous pressure, Ong said.Story continuesCurrently, over 40 per cent of new cases go on home recovery, with the proportion rising.

Finance Minister and co-chair Lawrence Wong thanked Singaporeans for minimising social activities to put a brake on the transmission of the virus."Unfortunately, despite our collective efforts, the virus continues to gain ground," he said, adding that numbers will continue to rise.

"In other words, we are not going back to a scenario of low daily cases anymore. It's not going to be possible because we are moving forward, to learn to live with the virus."Wong stressed that the reproduction rate of the Delta variant without any safe management measures in place is "easily around five or six". 

"We were able to bring the reproduction rate...down to about 1.5. That's already a significant reduction, he added. But even so, cases are still doubling every week or so, Wong stressed. "And that's the reality. And to bring it further down requires a lot more effort."

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It was proven that CB or heightened alerts phase 2 works, such as no gatherings, work from home. But if wanted to open up economy, travel, F&B, offices, etc., yes, not possible anymore. Sorry, a bit negative mind. Bite the bullet. Do a 7 days CB may be useful to break the chain or lessen the chain of infection.

How ignorant/oblivion is MTF?!? This is not part of their endemic strategy clearly!!! Tell us sumthin we do not know! I wonder 4-G leaders are capable/competent!? Why? Vaccinated, foreign travellers not bringing in, migrant workers not allowed, still what is the reason? Experts say something? Gee. The PAPSingapore taskforce DID NOT ANTICIPATE this meh? Meh?!

Everything is about sustainability MMTF is giving up the fight? pandemic win economy trumped human health. So human will go extinct, because human must live and not survive. Also Ah Kung said no more circuitbreaker, to save his face got to sacrifice Singaporean lives, mostly grannies! sporeMOH leehsienloong

Most probably have many asymptomatic people ( likely due to high vaccination)around who do not know they are actually infected until they do self test. And inevitably spread thru socialising and dining hence the high positive cases. Most importantly is the serious cases be Low. Truth

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New record high of 1,504 Covid-19 cases; 2 migrant worker dorms added to list of large clustersSINGAPORE — Singapore set a new record high of 1,504 new Covid-19 cases on Thursday (Sept 23), surpassing the previous day’s record daily tally of 1,457 new infections. Keep running after money and life when God gave u everything for free...

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