Singapore's current COVID-19 policies are effective, can handle surge in cases, say experts

Singapore's current COVID-19 policies are effective, can handle surge in cases, say experts

24/9/2021 10:09:00 AM

Singapore's current COVID-19 policies are effective, can handle surge in cases, say experts

SINGAPORE: The current spike in COVID-19 cases in Singapore is higher than anticipated, but the Government\u0027s policies are effective and should be able to manage the surge, experts told CNA. \u0022Singaporeans and foreign residents in Singapore should not be worried about the recent increase in the number o

SINGAPORE: The current spike in COVID-19 cases in Singapore is higher than anticipated, but the Government's policies are effective and should be able to manage the surge, experts told CNA."Singaporeans and foreign residents in Singapore should not be worried about the recent increase in the number of COVID-19 cases," said Dr John P Ansah, Assistant Professor in the Health Services and Systems Research Programme at Duke-NUS Medical School, and a faculty fellow at the National University of Singapore.

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"The current policies implemented by the government have proven effective and I am confident it will be enough to manage the current surge in cases."Dr Ansah's recent work includes modelling the trajectory of the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore to understand how different interventions impact the community spread.

Related:2 more COVID-19 deaths as Singapore reports new high of 1,504 casesHe added that most of the new COVID-19 cases are expected to be mild or with no symptoms.While case numbers in Singapore have reached new highs daily, over the last 28 days nearly 98 per cent of the infected individuals have had mild or no symptoms, according to the latest update by the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Thursday (Sep 23).

In that same period, about 1.8 per cent required oxygen supplementation, 0.2 per cent required ICU care, and 0.1 per cent of cases have died.As of Wednesday, 82 per cent of Singapore's population has completed the full vaccination regimen or received two doses of COVID-19 vaccines.

CONCERN ABOUT HIGH CASE NUMBERSAs Singapore transits to an endemic living with COVID-19, some people have expressed concerns about the record numbers of cases in the community, while others have pointed to the low number of severe infections.The country reported 1,504 new cases on Thursday. Two more fatalities were reported on Thursday by MOH, bringing the national death toll to 70.

As of noon on Thursday, 1,120 COVID-19 cases were warded in hospital. There were 163 cases of serious illness requiring oxygen supplementation and 23 patients in the intensive care unit.Professor Dale Fisher, senior consultant at the National University Hospital's (NUH) Division of Infectious Diseases, said that Singapore is handling the transition to endemic living with COVID-19 in an"extremely intelligent, rational way".

"It's much easier to throw open the doors and say it's Freedom Day but that comes with a much higher price," he said at a webinar on Thursday evening about Singapore's COVID-19 exit strategy.But at the same time, it's not feasible to continue lockdowns and exiting is"essential", he said as lockdowns affect people's mental health, livelihoods and many other aspects of life.

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Related:Hospital wards 'under pressure', younger vaccinated COVID-19 patients encouraged to recover at home: Ong Ye KungHe said that the increase in cases has been faster than expected, but the"key figures" are the numbers of severe cases in hospital.

"To keep things in perspective but about 98 per cent of all the cases are either asymptomatic or mild," he said.Professor Paul Tambyah, deputy director of the Infectious Diseases Translational Research Programme at NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, said that the current numbers are similar to many endemic respiratory infections in Singapore, such as tuberculosis and influenza.

"The problem is that this is a new disease and that is why people are worried. We are familiar with tuberculosis and influenza having lived with both for more than a hundred years," he added."Once we know more about the disease, its prevention (through better vaccines) and transmission, we will be less worried. Hopefully that will come soon."

WILL THE SURGE CONTINUE?Prof Tambyah said that while the cases look like they might continue to double every week, it is unlikely to continue beyond the next two to three weeks, although there are"competing mathematical models out there".On the whole, the trajectory of cases and numbers of severe illness or deaths are very hard to predict, he said.

Dr Ansah noted that as cases jump further, people's behaviour may change or companies and the Government"might implement policies" that are likely to reduce infection significantly."We might see doubling for a week or two in the worst-case scenario, but it is unlikely to continue much longer with the expected changes in behaviour and the introduction of policies to restrict contacts," he said.

The surge also suggests the spread of variants is more infectious than the original strain of COVID-19, he added."Available evidence from highly vaccinated countries shows that COVID-19 vaccines are only partially effective at preventing people from getting infected, but are much more effective at protecting against severe diseases, hospitalisation and death when infected with COVID-19," Dr Ansah said.

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"Hence, it is important for people to get vaccinated to protect them from developing severe symptoms when infected."Asst Prof Ansah said that the current rise in cases further emphasises that COVID-19 is"just something we are going to have to get used to".

"The virus will become endemic and cannot now be eradicated. Hence, going forward policies should ensure safeguarding the livelihoods of the population, while protecting them from the severe consequences of the virus," he said. Read more: CNA »

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SINGAPORE — The Ministry of Health (MOH) is looking into the possibility of using the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (Pofma) to clamp down on websites that promote the use of anti-parasite drug ivermectin as a remedy against Covid-19.

Since when do you guys say anything negative about the way the govt handles the covid situation? lol Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer. If your experts are telling the truths there won’t be 1k+ cases already Hehe What abt long covid? How likely do ppl with no or mild symptoms suffer long covid? Why aren't these studied and published?

These experts in Singapore dare not speak their mind, only for PAPSingapore gov, same same contents. Still no answer to why so many dead! The gov linked media straits_times TODAYonline ch8sg didn’t even report the death. Like someone they want to hide! leehsienloong I noticed alot of people have become expert in this pandemic

Experts? Who? lol what policies?it's a help yourself strategy. we gave u miracle vaccine,masks and social media instructions on what to do. don't call us anymore. it looks like flu, symptoms like flu just treat like flu. if u die it's becos u r unvax. it's called ministry of wealth now... It's about time sg opens it's borders and abolishes SHN.after getting 82% population fully vaccinated,we should not be afraid.this covid will continue for a few more years. we should learn to live with it.

I was fully vaccinated and tested negative for covid twice, before departure and after arrival.yet I paid $4800 for my SHN and PCR/antigen test.furthermore my landlord increases my rent as overall rental costs are shooting due to Malaysians stuck in sg.

2 more COVID-19 deaths as Singapore reports new high of 1,504 casesSINGAPORE: Singapore reported 1,504 new COVID-19 cases as of noon on Thursday (Sep 23), the highest since the pandemic began early last year. The 1,491 local infections comprise 1,218 community cases and 273 dormitory residents. There were also 13 imported cases. The Mi 英國和中國科學家乾的好事! 再加上印度科學家加點工就全世界都有更多人死了

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Singapore reports 1,453 new local COVID-19 cases, 3 more deathsSINGAPORE: Singapore reported 1,453 new local COVID-19 infections as of noon on Wednesday (Sep 22), comprising 1,277 community cases and 176 dormitory residents. There were also three new fatalities, bringing Singapore\u0027s death toll to 68. Case 70252 is a 65-year-old Singaporean man National Problem Gambling Helpline Network (1-800-522-4700). Pls call the hotline and seek help so that you'll stop gambling with people's lives. Singapore should move forward.instead of counting cases,count your number if vaccinations, PCR and antigen tests and open up your borders.this covid will never go away.we should learn to live with it. 1. local population who is vaccinated should be allowed to travel with having to serve SHN at home with PCR and antigen tests to be conducted at due intervals. 2.vaccinated foreigners who do not live in Singapore should serve SHN at hotels with regular pcr and antigen tests.

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COVID: Visitors barred from Singapore hospital wards from 24 Sep-23 OctFrom Friday (24 September) until 23 October, visitors will be barred from visiting patients in hospital wards in a bid to maintain Singapore's healthcare capacity amid rising COVID-19 cases in the community.

Record high of 1,457 new COVID cases reported in Singapore; 3 more deathsThe MOH on 22 Sept confirmed a record-high of 1,457 new COVID cases in Singapore – taking the country's total case count to 81,356 – and three more deaths due to the disease. Anytime exceeded 3K , undoubtedly! Any idea What kind of variants do they have? Alpha, Delta, Lamada or Mu

Record-high 1,504 new COVID cases in Singapore; 2 unvaccinated deathsThe Ministry of Health (MOH) on Thursday (23 September) confirmed a record-high of 1,504 new COVID-19 cases in Singapore – taking the country's total case count to 82,860 – and two more deaths due to the disease. what are they gonna do man ?/