Covıd 19, Covıd-19, Coronavirus, Moh

Covıd 19, Covıd-19

Singapore reports a record 287 new COVID-19 cases with more than half linked to dormitory cluster

Link established between Mustafa Centre cluster and dormitories.

9/4/2020 3:20:00 PM

BREAKING: Singapore reports a record 287 new COVID19 cases; at least 160 cases linked to S11 dormitory

Link established between Mustafa Centre cluster and dormitories.

BookmarkSINGAPORE: Singapore reported 287 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday (Apr 9), the largest daily increase so far and more than double, the multi-ministry task force dealing with the coronavirus said during a press conference on Thursday (Apr 9).

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This brings the national tally to 1,910.AdvertisementAdvertisementOf the new cases, 219 are linked to existing clusters, with at least 160 cases linked to the S11 Dormitory @ Punggol.A total of 19 cases are linked to previous cases, with 46 unlinked cases, the task force said. Three of the latest cases announced are imported. 314 cases have been discharged from acute care, and 705 cases have been moved to a community isolation facility, the task force said.

Singapore has also seen six fatalities from COVID-19, the task force said. It was reported on Wednesday a 32-year-old Indian national died after taking a swab test, and was confirmed to have COVID-19 after his death.AdvertisementAdvertisementThe task force said that with the help of the police and Ministry of Defence, it established a link between the cluster at Mustafa Centre shopping mall and the Project Glory construction site as well as a number of foreign worker dormitories: S11 Dormitory@Punggol, Sungei Tengah Lodge, Tampines Dormitory Cochrane Lodge II and Toh Guan Dormitory.

Director of medical services at the Ministry of Health Assoc Prof Kenneth Mak described how some of the dormitory cases were linked to the Mustafa Centre cluster."We believe that the workers had visited Mustafa and they subsequently transmitted the infection to their co-workers," he said.

"Transmission most likely occurred through close contact,for example at meal times, during breaks, and also between co-workers at work due to physical proximity at work sites," he said.Subsequently, they could have spread the infection to colleagues and friends within the dormitories, he added.

Singapore has seen a rise of COVID-19 cases at foreign worker domitories recently.Sungei Tengah Lodge became thefourth foreign worker dormitory to become an isolation areafrom midnight on Thursday, in a move aimed at preventing the spread of the disease.

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We endure another 14 days for the dust to settle , Singaporeans should be alright Serious screwup by govt. Local gossips were about spread to workers dorms weeks ago. How did govt let the spread continue till now? Now country is locked down because of oversight! I know one , linked largely to dorm clusters and Mustapha Centre ..... We have to be grateful no new other clusters pop up

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106 new Covid-19 cases in Singapore, 39 linked to known clusters at foreign worker dormitoriesThis brings the total number of cases here to 1,481.. Read more at need mass testing for the dorms to stop the wild fire. Detect those infected soon, can’t wait till symptoms to appear. One additional confirmed case may mean 50 more infected but undetected. Too many there won’t have enough facilities and healthcare workers to handle later. Suck it Singapore! No mask no mask no mask! XD

Covid-19: 106 more infections in Singapore, S11 Dormitory cluster grows to 98 casesWelcome to the next Diamond Princess. We all have our mom to thank for

Singapore reports 106 new cases of COVID-19, with 52 linked to existing clustersSINGAPORE: Singapore reported 106 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday (Apr 7), bringing the national total to 1,481, the Ministry of Health ( MOH ) said ... lol Its really hard work😭 thx to all for their efforts in tracing & updating us🙏🤞 Thanks for your update. Need to take care ourselves 🙏 Keep Distance Keep Safe Covid19

COVID-19: Record 142 new cases in S'pore including man who died while awaiting test results; over 98% local transmissionsSINGAPORE — The Ministry of Health ( MOH ) confirmed on Wednesday (8 April) 142 more coronavirus cases here, of which over 98 per cent are local transmissions, bringing the country’s total to 1,623. very troubling

Singapore sees record spike of 142 new COVID-19 cases; 20 linked to largest cluster at S11 dormitoryAT A GLANCE: - 142 new COVID19 cases in Singapore - highest daily increase to date - Indian national who was being tested for COVID-19 died before he was confirmed to have the disease - 68 cases linked to other clusters/patients; 72 with no known links

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