Show Lo

Show Lo

Show Lo speaks up with love letter to Grace Chow

Lo wrote a 7000-word post titled 'Boy, Girl'.

21/5/2020 11:45:00 AM

Lo wrote a 7000-word post titled 'Boy, Girl'.

The Taiwanese singer breaks his silence on his sexual affairs by chronicling his love story

The love letter, which was posted on 20 May (which is used to signify"I Love You" in Chinese) on 9.12am (seemingly to symbolise Grace's 12 of September birth date), was a 7000-word post titled"Boy, Girl" and written like a journal entry that starts with the date 1 May.

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Show wrote about how he met Grace at a dinner gathering of a mutual friend, and how they hit it off after he remarked about her chipped nails and hair extensions. He then spoke about the stages of their relationship, and how Grace got along well with his mother and even learned to cook his favourite dish to surprise him.

He also expressed how much it hurt when they had to part due to the fact that they were working in two different places, saying,"Every night before they part, the two wouldn't sleep, choosing to hold each other tightly, chatting and watching movies together. Even if it was for a short while, they still treasured it, because they didn't know when they would meet again."

In another post, Show spoke about how he convinced Grace to start designing her own brand, and gave her a lot of ideas, and how proud he was of her success.Finally, in the post that was written on 20 May, the singer revealed how much he has been thinking about their breakup and the pain he caused her.

"Throughout this period, I never stopped reflecting on myself. Because of what happened, I learned that I should face it bravely and not run away from it. I want to tell you again that I am sorry, I was wrong. I am so sorry." Read more: Yahoo Singapore »

Pop star Show Lo apologises to ex-girlfriend Grace Chow again in long social media postIs Taiwanese pop star Show Lo trying to woo his ex-girlfriend Grace Chow back or trying to salvage his image after her explosive post on social media?. Read more at The truth will always come out. Good this scum got caught. Even slept with someone's fiancee, Chien? How his mother want to defend his behaviour is beyond reason. (or rather angry at Chow for sharing the scandal)

Show Luo Details 9-Year Relationship With Ex-Girlfriend Grace Chow In 7,000-Word Weibo PostCaught cheater liao. No point listening what he has to say. Waste so much words for what? Just trying to protect his wallet. From what Chow mentioned his pattern is - disgusting behaviour, and disrespect for women.

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