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Prince Charles, Diana

Princess Diana Film ‘Spencer,’ Starring Kristen Stewart, Casts Prince Charles and Starts U.K. Shoot

The film comes at a time when interest in the royal family is surging around the world.

26/3/2021 6:30:00 PM

The film comes at a time when interest in the royal family is surging around the world.

Pablo Larraín ’s “Spencer” has found its Prince Charles in “Poldark” star Jack Farthing . Production has also moved to the U.K. The film, which unveiled a second image of star Kristen Stewart as Diana , focuses on one weekend in the life of the late princess, as she spends the Christmas holiday with the royal family at […]

AdDeutsche Senioren staunen über bahnbrechende Schuheinlage.Footwear NewsThe model masters this transitional full leather look.51 minutes agoThe Wrap‘Fox and Friends’ Rips ‘Confused’ Biden With Edited Montage of First Press Conference: ‘Hard to Watch’ (Video)

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Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” morning show on Friday went over President Joe Biden’s Thursday press conference and the reviews were not positive. “It was kind of hard to watch at times,” admitted co-host Steve Doocy after the show rolled a montage of a selection of Biden’s answers. “He did seem confused. No idea what he was talking about. I didn’t understand what he was talking about. He rambled on until he apparently would occasionally either run out of gas or run out of words and then pause for a moment. You know, maybe he was searching for a new direction or a new word, couldn’t find it and changed the subject. Ultimately, maybe he was just rusty. What was it, 65 days he hasn’t had a formal press conference? Maybe he should have done it earlier.” Will Cain suggested that the president might have gotten “lost” while looking through his notes, but added that “no one wants to make fun of Joe Biden or score cheap points.” Also Read: Fox News Slapped With $1.6 Billion Defamation Suit by Dominion Voting Systems “There were moments of clarity for Joe Biden, as well,” he said. In Biden’s Thursday press conference, he announced his administration’s plan to double its goal of getting 100 million vaccinations done in his first 100 days in office after passing that milestone last week. He also confirmed he plans to run for re-election. Watch “Fox & Friends” go through the conference above. Read original story ‘Fox and Friends’ Rips ‘Confused’ Biden With Edited Montage of First Press Conference: ‘Hard to Watch’ (Video) At TheWrap

52 minutes agoThe WrapSeth Meyers Called Ted Cruz an ‘Asshole’ on the Same Night Sean Hannity Called Seth an ‘Asshole’ (Video)Seth Meyers has been taking so many closer looks at Ted Cruz and Fox News Channel lately, he’s gonna need some Visine to get the red(-state spin) out. On Thursday’s “Late Night,” Seth’s “A Closer Look” segment first drilled down into the Texas senator’s refusal to wear a mask during a press conference, despite being asked to by a reporter. Meyers then nailed Fox News for, in his words, being “more desperate” to use their collective Joe-Biden-hiding-in-a-basement quip than “George Constanza was to use his ‘jerk store’ line.” But neither of those is why we decided to write this clip up today. No, we just liked the coincidence that in it, Seth Meyers called “Hannity” crony Cruz an “asshole” on the same night Sean Hannity called Seth an “asshole.” Also Read: Hannity Complains 'Asshole' Seth Meyer Isn't Great at Memes (Video) We knew, it. We’re surrounded by assholes. Watch the Seth Meyers video above and the Sean Hannity one here. And here, we’ll point out that while “Late Night With Seth Meyers” tapes at about 4 p.m. ET, it does not air until 12:35 a.m. ET. “Hannity” is live at 9 p.m. ET. So the word choice is really just a coincidence. Keep firing, assholes! Also Read: Seth Meyers Snipes at Sean Hannity and GOP 'Bulls-' After Latest Mass Shootings We’re not going to definitively say who started this long-running (though generally a little less personal, or at least with fewer expletives) war of words between conservative TV host Hannity and liberal TV host Meyers, but Sean was surely responding to Seth’s “A Closer Look” from Wednesday night. Two nights ago, the “Saturday Night Live” alum condemned Hannity’s story selection in the wake of the recent tragedy in Colorado. He also called “bulls—” on right-wingers invoking the second amendment after every mass shooting. “On Monday, Fox News barely covered the horrific Boulder shootings in primetime,” Meyers said at the time. Also Read: Seth Meyers to Host 'Late Night' Through 2025 Under NBC Contract Extension “Apparently,” Hannity considered Joe Biden tripping on the stairs of Air Force One “much more important,” Meyers continued then. “My God, get your priorities straight.” Anyway, here’s how the next night’s “asshole”-swap played out. First, Meyers said Cruz took the mask request as “another opportunity to be a giant asshole.” “Man, Ted Cruz is the Steph Curry of being a giant dick: he never misses a shot,” Meyers said. Meanwhile, on “Hannity.” “You want to call me sociopathic, which you have called many others before, like Trump, like Karl Rove, you use the word a lot,” Hannity said of Meyers, “but you’re just another limousine liberal, socialist, hypocritical asshole who does nothing but spew anti-GOP hate and as virtually nothing positive or productive to add to any political dialogue. You have zero credibility, zero integrity, zero interest in what the truth is, especially about complicated issues, and that’s why very few people watch your show. And you’re not funny, ever.” Read original story Seth Meyers Called Ted Cruz an ‘Asshole’ on the Same Night Sean Hannity Called Seth an ‘Asshole’ (Video) At TheWrap

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