Police investigating woman who allegedly disregarded repeated advice to wear mask at MBS

15/5/2021 4:29:00 PM

Police investigating 53-year-old woman who allegedly disregarded repeated advice to wear mask

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Still need to investigate meh? There is video evidence of her breaking the rules. No need to investigate. Arrest and sentence her. I just learnt that mask do not filter all 'germs'.This 'germ' is too big for a mask! So gov pls do something about repeated offenders. Arrogance can be 'sold' to affordable offenders?

NomaskMargaret Ok big question- if this is a repeated offender how did she get away from any punishment the first couple of times? HossanLeong Karen of Singapore 🇸🇬 It's this time of the year again uh.. time to eat med CCB fat ass Karen Inconsiderate b*tch What's the fine like for violating the law of not wearing a mask in SG?

Recalcitrant covid idiot!🙄Put her behind bars for the maximum jail term! Brainless ya ya cunt

This time famous liao! Asked you nicely to put on your mask by a Safe Distancing Ambassador and you challenge them asking “who they represent and asked for their badge”. Now, policemen show their badge to you but that will cost you heavily. Good job police 👮‍♀️ 👍☺️ Her personal details are all out in the internet.. v hard to hide from internet sleuths

Good! She deserves it Can't blame her, it's getting frustrating and tiring. 👍