POFMA Office instructed to issue correction direction to Truth Warriors website for falsehoods on COVID-19 vaccines, ivermectin

POFMA Office instructed to issue correction direction to Truth Warriors website for falsehoods on COVID-19 vaccines, ivermectin

24/10/2021 7:40:00 PM

POFMA Office instructed to issue correction direction to Truth Warriors website for falsehoods on COVID-19 vaccines, ivermectin

SINGAPORE: The Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA) Office has been instructed to issue a correction direction to local website Truth Warriors over falsehoods relating to the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines and for promoting ivermectin to treat the coronavirus.

MOH added that these materials are from unverified and dubious sources, and individuals who heed the advice on the website can endanger themselves and the people around them.Health Minister Ong Ye Kung has instructed the POFMA Office to issue the correction direction to Truth Warriors, MOH said.

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The website is required to publish the correction notice at the top of each webpage containing the falsehoods."The Government takes a serious view of the deliberate communication of these falsehoods, and criminal investigations will be conducted," said MOH in a press release which was issued at about 11.55pm.

The health ministry had earlier in October said that it was aware of local websites - including Truth Warriors - posting unverified and potentially misleading information on COVID-19 and vaccines.Related:Some local websites carry potentially misleading COVID-19 information: MOH

CLARIFICATIONS ON FALSE CLAIMS ABOUT VACCINATIONMOH addressed two particular claims published on the Truth Warriors website; that the most vaccinated countries have the most cases and deaths per million population and the least vaccinated countries have the fewest cases and deaths per million population, and that vaccines do not prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

"These claims are false," said MOH, adding that as of Oct 23,"the weight of international evidence shows categorically that vaccines reduce COVID-19 infection, as well as serious illness and mortality rates from COVID-19 infection".

"The latest data does not support the claim that countries with the highest vaccination rates also have the highest cases/deaths per million population. While some countries with the lowest vaccination rates also have low reported COVID-19 deaths, this is likely due to poor record collection for both vaccinations and deaths."

MOH said that while COVID-19 vaccines do not completely stop viral transmission, they do reduce the risk of transmission."Vaccinated persons are less likely to transmit the virus than unvaccinated persons. Furthermore, while the vaccine on its own does not kill the virus, it is false to suggest that the effect of the vaccine on the immune system does not lead to the killing of the virus.

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"The vaccines cause the body to produce antibodies and immune cells that act against the virus and, in effect, kill it."Related:Commentary: Whether made for humans or horses, ivermectin isn't a proven COVID-19 drugMOH ADDRESSES FALSE CLAIMS ON IVERMECTIN

MOH said that the Truth Warriors website also claimed that ivermectin prevents COVID-19 infection, and that it is safe and effective in treating COVID-19, even for pregnant women. Read more: CNA »

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