Parts of northeast China on heightened alert as COVID-19 returns

Parts of northeast China on heightened alert as COVID-19 returns

28/10/2021 8:56:00 AM

Parts of northeast China on heightened alert as COVID-19 returns

BEIJING: A few border cities in northeastern China started to tighten COVID-19 measures, restricting travel and limiting gatherings in public spaces, and some declared a \u0022pre-war\u0022 mode of vigilance and monitoring, as China combats an outbreak hitting mainly the north. China reported 23 locally transmitted

Flights from the city and some train services were cut, local media said on Wednesday.It remains unclear how the Heihe cluster started, or whether any of the infected were linked to outbreaks in other regions.'EXTREME CAUTION'China's high vaccination rate would in principle allow it to shift to a less disruptive endemic strategy, said Julian Evans-Pritchard, senior China economist at Capital Economics.

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As of Oct 23, 76 per cent of China's 1.41 billion population have received complete doses."But extreme caution prevails," he said."Any shift seems unlikely until at least after the Winter Olympics in February."Jiamusi city, also on the Heilongjiang-Russia border, has yet to report local cases in the latest outbreak, but said it will be on alert for a week until Nov 3.

It required tourist sites to bar tourists from outside of Jiamusi, demanded reduction in gatherings and halted visits to elderly homes and mental health facilities.Another two cities in Heilongjiang, Jixi and Mudanjiang, pledged to enter into a"pre-war" mode of high vigilance and stringent monitoring, though no local infections have been reported yet in the past week.

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China locks down city of 4 million over Covid-19 cases

China locks down city of 4 million over COVID-19 outbreakBEIJING: China placed a city of 4 million people under lockdown on Tuesday (Oct 26) in a bid to stamp out a domestic COVID-19 spike, with residents told not to leave home except in emergencies. The restrictions came as China reported 29 new domestic infections - including six cases in Lanzhou, th 这个是什么新闻吗? CNA真是少见多怪,有什么可播报的……

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Commentary: What can you do if your parents or siblings refuse COVID-19 vaccination?Relationships are coming under strain, especially in families where there are divergent views about COVID-19 protocols and vaccination. These are never easy to resolve, says clinical psychologist Dr Annabelle Chow. 自己顧自己了,疏遠沒接種的人。自私?被他們感染了病毒就沒命了!