Covıd-19, Coronavirus, Education, Palm View Primary School, Home-Based Learning

Covıd-19, Coronavirus

Palm View Primary School student tests positive for COVID-19, home-based learning extended

Palm View Primary School student tests positive for COVID-19, home-based learning extended

2/4/2020 7:58:00 AM

Palm View Primary School student tests positive for COVID-19 , home-based learning extended

SINGAPORE: Palm View Primary School in Sengkang has extended home-based learning by an extra day to Thursday (Apr 2), after a student tested ...

Following its first confirmed COVID-19 case, Palm View Primary School will extend home-based learning for all students to Thursday as a “precautionary measure”, it said.“During this time, the school will conduct a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the school premises,” wrote Mrs Kum, urging all staff and students to continue with good hygiene practices and to see a doctor immediately if they feel unwell.

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“These measures are in place to ensure that our school remains a safe environment for teaching and learning.”Classes will resume at Palm View Primary School on Friday.READ: COVID-19: Rise in Singapore’s locally transmitted and unlinked cases, Health Minister stresses importance of safe distancing

“In the meantime, we understand your child may be affected as some of their teachers and peers are placed on LOA,” wrote Mrs Kum. Read more: CNA »

Need to lock down...? No lockdown. Close one more day. Steady school principal It getting near everyone. Pray and stay safe all Singapore Who's the minister said school is safest🤔😡 If a P2 child can be tested positive then his or her classmates may also contract the disease. If Teachers who came in contact with the student are being placed on LOA, shouldn’t all other children that the student has come in contact with also be placed in LOA?

Seems the covid-19 virus refuse to work with MOE. If sch shutdown, they go to student care or childcare.... Tat defeats the purpose. Cos they r still in group learning n care. So sch shutdown or not depends on whether whole city is locked down. But if locked down totally, expects more economic difficulties.

Good , keep trying to beg for lockdown keep your children at home if u felt uncomfortable , ok ? Keep your children roaming at mall , or bored to death at home better ? tats why i let them go schools and have fun . When time to study online , they will Do quarantine already la. Where got singapore steady?

Still don't want to close school ? leehsienloong Wait and see gahmen This is so uncomfortable news which I didn’t want hear .. something is incorrect The link is getting worst. LOCKDOWN NOW! Pls not d children 🥺 So they waiting for more kids to be infected before shutting down schools? 🤦🏽‍♂️

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