Covıd-19, Olympics, Tokyo 2020

Covıd-19, Olympics

Olympics 'difficult' after COVID-19 spikes, warns Japan medical group

Olympics 'difficult' after COVID-19 spikes, warns Japan medical group

14/4/2021 6:46:00 AM

Olympics 'difficult' after COVID-19 spikes, warns Japan medical group

TOKYO: Holding the postponed Tokyo Olympics this summer will be 'really difficult' given a spike in COVID-19 infections across Japan, the head of ...

AdvertisementAdvertisement"But, from my position as the head of medical workers, I have to say that holding the Games is really difficult."Ozaki called on organisers to"show concrete measures on how they can prevent the spread of infection at home and abroad".

24 new community COVID-19 cases in Singapore, 17 linked to Changi Airport cluster Sengkang General Hospital nurse prelim. positive for India variant; sole unlinked local case India reports more than 4,000 Covid-19 deaths for second straight day

"Then we would like to sincerely study if such a plan is realistic," he wrote.AdvertisementThe comments come as Tokyo marks 100 days until the virus-postponed 2020 Olympics open on Jul 23.The rise in COVID-19 cases in Japan and abroad is fuelling concerns about whether the Games can, or should, go ahead.

New virus restrictions have been put in place in several parts of Japan, including Tokyo and Osaka.The measures are significantly looser than lockdowns seen in other parts of the world, but they have forced the Olympic torch relay off public roads in Osaka.

Instead, the flame is being carried along a closed course inside a park with the public kept away.Olympic organisers have released a series of virus rulebooks they say will keep the Games safe.They will bar overseas spectators, limit the movement of athletes and require regular virus testing.

But vaccination will not be required and quarantine rules will be waived for Olympic participants.Polls show a majority of people in Japan want the Games postponed or cancelled. Read more: CNA »

Singapore returns to tighter COVID-19 measures: What's allowed under the new rules?

SINGAPORE: With the recent rise in COVID-19 cases in the community, Singapore has announced tighter measures for about three weeks from Saturday ...

Risk from COVID-19 variants remains after first Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, UK study findsLONDON :A single dose of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine may not generate a sufficient immune response to protect against dominant new variants, ... 所以那些還沒有完成接種第二針疫苗的國家是不能對印度,巴基斯坦,尼泊爾,斯里蘭卡開放的。 3rd and 4th doses coming your way. Then 5th and 6th......... WHILE VIRYS MUTATES

'Impossible' to hold Olympics during COVID-19 pandemic, Japan doctors union warnsHolding the Tokyo Olympics safely as the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage would be 'impossible', a union of Japanese hospital doctors warned ...

Japan declares COVID-19 emergency 3 months before OlympicsTOKYO: Japan announced a new COVID-19 state of emergency in Tokyo and three other regions on Friday (Apr 23), as the country battles surging ...

Sweden registers 7,736 new COVID-19 cases, 19 deaths on ThursdaySweden, which has shunned lockdowns throughout the pandemic, registered 7,736 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, health agency statistics showed.

7 more workers at Westlite Woodlands dorm test positive for Covid-19, bringing total to 19SINGAPORE — Seven more workers from the Westlite Woodlands dormitory have tested positive for Covid-19 after recovering from past infections, bringing the total number of cases at the dormitory to 19, the Ministry of Manpower clarified on Thursday (April 22). Must have returned India and back... It's normal. Vaccine working. Give it some time. Ensure that they spread more to do litmus test to the said vaccine.