Officer accused of leaking Kobe Bryant death photos seen in video ‘kneeling on inmate’s head’

21/6/2022 3:24:00 AM

The incident in the 3 minute video happened in March 2021.

The incident in the 3 minute video happened in March 2021.

Sheriff’s official allegedly covered up the incident due to ‘similarities to widely publicised George Floyd case’

in January 2020.In a video shared by Knock LA from the March 2021 incident, Mr Johnson was purportedly seen kneeling on the head of an inmate after the inmate punched him. The incident did not come to light till a year later in March 2022, when anLA Times

report claimed the sheriff’s office had attempted to cover it up.The county argued in documents filed in court on Friday that the March 2021 incident has nothing to do with the allegedleaking of pictures from the crash site.“The incident at the jail and LASD’s response are entirely unrelated to the crash scene photos at issue in this matter,” county attorneys said in the filing. “The incident is not only irrelevant, but also highly inflammatory — touching on one of the most contentious issues in our society, accusations of excessive force by police officers.”

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