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Beauty Tips

Now TikTokers are using lube as a makeup primer

The latest viral TikTok trend involves applying intimate lubricant to the face as a primer, supposedly to get a glowing complexion.

22/10/2021 5:28:00 PM

The latest viral TikTok trend involves applying intimate lubricant to the face as a primer, supposedly to get a glowing complexion.

TikTok is full of sometimes ingenious and often crazy -- not to mention reckless -- beauty tips . The latest viral trend involves applying intimate lubricant to the face as a primer, supposedly to get a glowing complexion. Here's a look at why this latest hack is just another dodgy idea spotted on the social network.

... to which we could almost certainly add using lube to make your complexion more radiant.Acne, redness, allergiesHow on Earth did users of the social network come to apply intimate lubricant to their faces? Do we really want to know? Irrespective, the fact remains that videos on the subject are multiplying at speed, stirring the curiosity of TikTokers who are in turn experimenting. The idea involves applying lube to your face, or mixing it with your foundation, to use it as a makeup base or primer. It's nothing short of crazy, considering that -- who would have thought? -- your face and private parts have absolutely nothing in common. You've probably never thought of putting makeup down there... obviously! Well, the same goes for lube -- it's only meant to be used on a few -- very specific -- parts of the human body, and especially not on the face.

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The scale of the phenomenon is such -- with more than 9.9 million views for the "lubeprimer" hashtag -- that some have begun to speak out against this hack, which can cause acne (since lube can clog pores), as well as irritation, redness and even allergies. Not to mention that this type of product should not come into contact with eyes. The Durex brand, a specialist in intimate lubricants, even responded to user

Sean Anthony, whose video has been viewed nearly two million times: "We appreciate the creativity here (and your makeup looks great) but we don't recommend using our lubricants on the face as makeup primers." Need we say more?The best thing to do is to keep intimate lubricants for their primary function, and invest in a 'real' base or primer to get a glowing complexion, or in a serum suited to your skin type.

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