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No extension to advisory period for returning trays; enforcement to start Sep 1: NEA

No extension to advisory period for returning trays; enforcement to start Sep 1: NEA

22/6/2021 11:10:00 AM

No extension to advisory period for returning trays; enforcement to start Sep 1: NEA

SINGAPORE: From Sep 1, diners who do not return their trays and crockery after their meals will be issued warnings and fines, said the National ...

AdvertisementSpeaking to reporters during a visit to North Bridge Road Market & Food Centre, Senior Minister of State of Sustainability and the Environment Dr Amy Khor said authorities will intensify outreach and publicity efforts to raise awareness.

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“We have more than two months of this advisory period left till Sep 1, we think that that should be sufficient to raise awareness and also to get more people to pick up this habit of clearing their tables,” said Dr Khor.“Even when we start enforcement on Sep 1, I think we need to remember that we will still continue to advise diners to return their used trays and crockery and to clear the tables.”

“It’s only if - on advice - they do not comply, then we may issue them a warning on the first offence and then subsequently, there could be a fine or a court attendance,” she added.AdvertisementSenior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment Dr Amy Khor speaking to cleaners at North Bridge Road Market & Food Centre during her visit on Jun 22. (Photo: Jeraldine Yap)

MORE DINERS RETURNING THEIR TRAYSWhen CNA visited 85 Fengshan Market & Food Centre at around noon, most diners cleared their trays after eating. Only a handful of tables had used crockery left behind.SG Clean Ambassadors were also spotted patrolling the area, reminding diners to clear their tables after eating.

At the tray return racks, cleaners worked in pairs to clear the trays in order to free up space.Cleaners at 85 Fengshan Market & Food Centre clear up the tray return rack to free up space for more diners. (Photo: Vanessa Lim)Mdm Tan Suey Suey, who works as a cleaner at the hawker centre, told CNA that she had seen a big improvement in cleanliness.

“Previously, I would be very busy trying to clear the tables and there would be a lot of crockery all over the place,” she said in Mandarin.“Now, it’s more manageable.”READ: Leaving behind trays, food debris at hawker centres could expose others to diseases: Health experts

At 16 Bedok South Market & Food Centre, which has installed automated tray return systems, hawkers and cleaners also observed an uptick in customers cleaning up their tables after eating.Ms Amy Lee, a stall assistant, estimated that up to 70 per cent of patrons now return their trays, up from around 30 per cent previously.

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“You can see a difference... People used to leave tissues on the table, along with their used crockery, and this would end up flying all over the place, but now you can see that it’s much cleaner,” she said in Mandarin."There are also fewer birds because there’s no food left on the table,” she added.

Mdm Pu Ai Lian, a cleaner at the hawker centre, said the new rules mean she has more time to do other work.“We still have to clean the tables or pick up things from the floor, but it’s less tiring,” she said.“There will be others who can’t return their trays like the elderly or those who can’t really walk, so I can help them,” she added.

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Never mind the bullying. Remember to vote the vicious PAP MP Amy Koh out. About time not to go food court. NEA over do it this time. Fine the best!! Wah!! Eat until like this ... I don't understand why some people have issue with returning trays? It is a good habit in keeping the eating area clean for everyone. This is a common practice in many countries (e.g. Japan, Korea). Singaporeans who have travelled to those countries would already be familiar.

people just boycott food court or take away. easy, no need tray. in the end the loser is food court itself.

No change to Sept 1 start of tray return enforcement, despite curtailed advisory period: NEASINGAPORE — Despite a shorter-than-expected advisory period, authorities will still begin issuing fines and warnings on diners who fail to return their trays at hawker centres from Sept 1, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said in a statement on Tuesday (June 22).

More hawker centre diners returning trays as NEA advisory period kicks in ahead of fines, warningsSINGAPORE — More diners in hawker centres are taking the initiative to return their dirty trays as the advisory period mandating diners to do so began on Monday (June 21).

More hawker centre diners returning trays as NEA advisory period kicks in ahead of fines, warningsWATCH: Hawker centre diners must now clear their own tables after a meal. And from Sept 1, they risk being warned or fined if they do not return their dirty trays and crockery. How do hawker patrons feel about the new measures?

Failing to clear your table could soon mean a S$300 fine. Here’s what you need to knowSINGAPORE — The authorities may soon impose fines of S$300 or more on diners at hawker centres , coffee shops and food courts who leave dirty trays, crockery and litter on tables, in a tougher approach to a long vexed issue. How will the change work in practice? Never think of the disabled n elderly thoughtfully.

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