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Nintendo game 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' pulled from Chinese platforms after Hong Kong protest

Nintendo game 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' pulled from Chinese platforms after Hong Kong protest

10/4/2020 1:31:00 PM

Nintendo game 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' pulled from Chinese platforms after Hong Kong protest

A Nintendo Switch video game has been pulled off China's grey market e-commerce platforms, Reuters' checks show, after Hong Kong activist Joshua ...

BookmarkHONG KONG: A Nintendo Switch video game has been pulled from China's grey market e-commerce platforms, Reuters' checks show, after Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong used the game to protest against Beijing’s rule of the Chinese territory.

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The game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is a colourful social simulator in which players can decorate their own island and invite others to visit. It became an instant hit after its launch last month and has been used by many players to interact and simulate real-life scenarios while they are stuck at home because of measures to curb the COVID-19 outbreak.

AdvertisementAdvertisementJoshua Wong, a Hong Kong activist, took his protests to the game last week and on Twitter posted a screenshot of his island decorated with a banner saying:"Free Hong Kong, revolution now."China has stringent rules on content from everything from video games to movies and music, censoring anything it believes violates core socialist values. Gaming companies must also seek licences for the games they want to publish.

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BeWater2019 The Asahi Shimbun in Japan started a case again with the report of fabrication distortion. Asahi Shimbun acknowledged the lie of the news and apologized for the bad news that Japanese entertainer Yumi Darenogare made the impression that he was a drug inhaler. Be careful Asahi . They may claim this is freedom of ban CCP CCP_is_terrorist

Dear brother and sister in the Democratic countries, It is time to United and fight back.boycottCCP. What a pity🤪 CCP will ban everything promoting freedom including games CCP putting its big hand towards e-commerce AnimalCrossingDesign No freedom of playing in China. 🤡 CCP_is_terrorist In china, you don’t hv freedom to play the game

In response to this kind of bullshit ban by China, we should in turn ban China from the rest of the world. Not long ago China ordered Blizzard Entertainment to punish a popular gamer for showing support for Hong Kong protesters. Now it is trampling a game that use Hong Kong protests as background. Authoritarian China shows that it wants to rule the world. US Game

Thank you China ? ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied I swear it is not because of HongKongProtesters. China 🇨🇳 CCP bans everything that allows creativity. It is their measure to control other’s minds. joshuawongcf 一直在玩啊。。。没问题啊 Such a typical censorship of CCP. There is no right for playing a game. In a closed country, playing games also requires compliance with political correctness, really miserable🤣

Simply another example of China’s suppressing any kind of speech freedom joshuawongcf CCP: We have freedom for our people. Fragile Chinese: We have freedom. HongKonger : What? FreeHongKong joshuawongcf It is never on Chinese platform. It's a signal to all business corporations around the world. You will not know when you will be suddenly banned from China market because they consider you say something they don't like. For a rational business owner, it's time to give up China market and DivestChina

Censorship and suppression do not stop in China. Poor Mainlanders have no freedom at all! That’s why Hongkongers fight hard to protect our freedom! and people think CHINA didnt conceal the true no. of WuhanVirus cases. ChinaLiedPeopleDie ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied ChinaLiedPeopleDied ChinaMustPay CCP is projecting its censorship of the people to the world .

Just let China do it. They can ban all the games that players can generate content. Let’s protest along all video games and see how CCPChina ban all games worldwide ? StandWithHongKong China_is_terrorist It proved that Hong Kong is not China , we will not workshop dictators, Fighr for freedom!Stand with HK!

Last year there was boycottblizzard . now, let's see freedom vs Chinese money, which gonna win! FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong ChinaLiedPeopleDied What CCP is threatening? It’s just a video game. Censorship and suppression are everywhere in China. CCP can’t tolerate any words bad about them, even in a game. So pathetic.....

China is the freest country in the world ... if you are CCP as CCP is free to do what it wants when it wants without any checks and balances but if you are not CCP, you do not even have the freedom to play a video game, let alone protest HongKongProtests Don’t know why some of the Chinese still say they have freedom🤷🏿‍♂️

Let's relate all games to Hongkongprotest. See if ccp will sensor them all🤗 joshuawongcf CCP is devil. HK now...!!! Condemnation...!!! So please understand why Hongkongers want to be liberated, to be free from the CCP totalitarianism and Chinazi threat.. :( StandWithHongKong LiberateHK FreeHK SOSHK DemocracyForHK

Lmao they are afraid of a video game. Sounds china but okay.🤷‍♂️ As AnimalCrossing is banned in China, it shows that people in China are just living under dictatorship! And Hongkongers will FightForFreedom till the end! HongKongIsNotChina FreeHongKong standwithHongKong CCP game 'CCP Crossing: New Hold down' CCP believes that if citizen claims are erased as usual, the truth can be hidden Wake up from brainwashing, Chinese

China is just a huge bird cage CCPChina afraid? even just a game age rating for 4. BoycottChina don't buy goods from China! Free HK China has no freedom chinaliedpeopledied Of course, don't forget that fucking CCPChina CCPVirus is a censorship country :) Ridiculous that so many Chinese users are blaming Hong Kong ppl for the disappearance of AnimalCrossing, despite the fact that it's the Chinese Communist Party infringing their freedom & rights of playing a game… Tired of their death threat & hate speech...

This shows how radiculous CCP is It seems that Nintendo is gonna ban these players very soon as we all know how terrible Chinese infiltration is. Chinese even do have the freedom to play a game😂😂😂😂lol China is turning into totalitarian states, and citizens have no privacy at all. That's why HKers hate CCP so much, our values are totally different. Hkers like freedom so that we can express our creativity through any platforms, but CCP only suppresses that.

And the Mainland Chinese are attacking the activists now. BUT why don't they blame the CCP regime that actually in-charge of banning the game instead? Is it because they don't have the balls and guts to do it? Guess they gotta learn about it from the HongKongers LMAO 真正的中国人才不玩小日本的游戏 习主席万岁! 全世界的版图都是中国的! alltheworldischina

China can ask Tencent to copy the AnimalCrossing with lower quality. HaHaHa!! What they are afraid ? The truth in HK. Chinazi doesn't want to be mentioned in Nintendo game as a human right violator, tyranny, dictator, ChinaCoronaVirus spreader. It then took action! ChinaLiedPeopleDied HKProtests ChinaMustPay 5DemandsNot1Less FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong

Banning everything that gives people freedom to design/express. Your idea without censorship should never appear on the internet (more specifically, the Chinese intranet) BoycottChina AnimalCrossingNewHorizons Could the world please stop CCPChina ? China_is_terrorist chinazi chinazivirus CCP We have right to play any game without china control. Everyone, please cherish your freedom.

lolz chinese censorship at work again. even games are getting censored. china is such a fragile country that they couldn't even allow its people getting in touch with foreigners' democracy messages. pathetic. why is the international world accepting this authoritarian country? Yet another example showing the CCP always deprive freedom from its people, Chinese people now lost the freedom to play this game. Every time there is opposing opinion, CCP will crackdown on the dissidents, censor all the criticism, taking down a game is one of the measures.

China shd build an intranet instead of internet This attack comes from China. For those who wanna play this game in China like Chinese netizens and 5 cent army, blame your gov then. People outside the Great Firewall can play the game freely. stupid china banned everything related with hong kong We can see freedom is so important now...A government of totalitarianism controls every thing even just a simple happy game.

This is a perfect example of showing how suppressive CCP is. I wish Nintendo would not bend its knees !! FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong Wow....just a simple happy game, no need to scare like that haha And the Chinese just blame the protesters but no their government which made the censorship Free Hong Kong! No China censorship!

Chinese should thank their dearest CCP China for banning everything. Animal crossing Could see this coming as that’s what CCPChina does to silence people who oppose them or tell the truth. That’s why ChinaLiedPeopleDied Let me guess, next CCP will ask Nintendo to conceal such messages, otherwise CCP will ban the game. CCP not only lust for control in own regime, but extends its claws to everywhere. Nowhere is spared.

Ppl in Mainland China think it’s our fault but they don’t really realise that they don’t have the real freedom and extreme control from CCP The ccp just dona allow any freedom of speech. Will enterprise like nintendo kneel down? Lets see. That’s China Because they're afraid of the freedom of speech and its power to the regime.

Typical CCPChina 5DemandsNot1Less FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong CCP can’t even stand a virtual game. 😂 HongKong is fighting! All sectors of HK ppl join movement to liberate HK. Elites, professionals, businessmen, workers, students and many others are doing what they are good at and as much as they could to support and continue the movement. Persist, insist and victory will come.

Dictator of China maintains his dictatorship by detening & restricting citizens right of free speech, filter, isolate and censor media to prevent the truth of freedom outside China provoke mainlanders heart of revolution. It is time to wake now. China is so vulnerable that it can't even take a mild criticism in an online game! Ridiculous that people still consider China as one of the most powerful country in the world!

What's next? The Chinese Communist Party should realise by now that censorship doesn't work! HongKongProtests 5DemandsNot1Less Don't call yourself a great nation if you can't stand a game that allows all players to join. HongKongProtests While 'Animal Crossing' is a game allows players to do everything in the game, CCP doesnt allow her people to do anything while China doesnt allow Freedom!😡🤓 FightForFreedom AnimalCrossingNewHorizions CCP_is_terrorist

Oh that's the definition of freedom according to China. God damn ChiNazi CCP afraid of freedom of speech ? CCP cannot even embrace a voice of opposition? What are they hiding? Do they dare to discuss FREEDOM? FreedomOfSpeech CCP CCP just says no to any form of freedom. Therefore, when the people say that they are from China and enjoy freedom, you will know that they are telling the “truth”. Insane!

misleading headline again. it should be: Nintendo's 'Animal Crossing' pulled from Chinese platforms after Hong Kong users spread democracy messages in game Come on! Hey CCP it is just a game for fun! The people in China are now staying at home, away from ChineseVirus, and you now even take away their only leisure...

AhShuk2 let me correct headline for you: Nintendo's 'Animal Crossing' pulled from Chinese platforms after Hong Kong users spread democracy messages in game China is afraid of freedom of speech. She will ban all things which can express our voice freely. However, China can join the the panel of Human rights in UN. 🤷‍♂️ CCPVirus

CCP bans Chinese people to reach HongKongers’ protest in this game, such a political censorship. This is just another action to show CCP would never offer freedom to its citizen, although it is just a game BoycottChina StandWithHongKong World, let's stand behind the brave HongKongProtesters fighting against the tyranny for freedom, justice and democracy. Fight for freedom, StandWithHongKong! MagnitskyAct HKHRDA

FightForFreedom Censorship again. China love to ban everything with opposite voices, even a harmless game. Btw love creative Hong Kong protesters 👍 StandWithHongKong FightForFreedom U can't shut someone's mouth criticizing u , so u cut your ear instead 😂 In 2019, HongKongers lost FreedomOfSpeech, FreedomofPress, FreedomofAssembly in HKProtests & received HKPoliceBrutality under China CCP autocratic regime. In 2020, we even lost FreedomofGaming. HK is no longer well-known international city having autonomy BoycottChina

Yeah, China, just ban the whole world. I cannot imagine such a causal game like Animal Crossing could be banned in somewhere. China is a “freedom” country? Haha China people can’t play animal crossing now. What next? Hong Kong protestors can decide which online game to ban in China CCP ban the game not because of HongKongProtests Because the game is too free to do things.CCP dont like it

Not after Hong Kong protest but after CCP found the game allows democratic message to be spreaded. So China feels so threatened by HongKongProtests it can't even afford their virtual existence. This is almost as funny as the stuff Hong Kong people put on Animal Crossing. It's a just a game. Yet China is so afraid because they are screed of the freedom of speech.

Sorry, in China, you do not the right to play the game freely. Under authoritarianism, freedom and human right is limited. censorship gamefreedom AnimalCrossingNewHorizions OK, just ban the whole world and return to isolationism🙄 The freedom of playing a game as well suppressed. It's time for us to re-consider why we have to do business with China which in another way, supporting them to continue its dictatorship and suppressions on human rights. BoycottChina

CCP has given no freedom to its people, even the freedom to choose wt game to play. antiCCP StandWithHongKong FightForFreedom Do you still think Chinese in mainland still have freedom? They can not even play animal crossing! That’s irony! FightForFreedom CCP_is_terrorist CCP can't allow any voice which opposing them.

Because of these stunning masterpieces. WuhanVirus Why? china they scared people know the truth? Not even freedom of playing video games in CCP. That's why Hongkongers are against the CCP government and request for autonomy. Not only because of HongKongProtests but mainly XiJinping the dictator of china himself. ChinaIsAsshoe ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied

CCP doesn’t allow anything threatens their image exists... CCP is so evil and cannot accept any different voices. The Chinese users are blaming HK protesters expressing their views in the game, but not blaming the government who ban the game. Because they are being “kept silence”, so everyone in the world should shut up like them, this is their logic🙄

Why CCP doesn't simply lock up china? Regime China cannot accept different voices. This game allows players to create one’s own living, which is not allowed in China at all. CCP: don't play Animal Crossing, we will make our own game. CCP is controlling the behavior and also the thoughts of people with censoring and surveillance

China banned the game lol Communist party That's the infamous CCP rationale of 'if it doesn't exist it isn't a problem' which eradicated a generation of intellectuals in CCPChina 31 years ago. As a victim of WuhanVirus stirred up by CCP's cover ups, and an Animal Crossing player, I find the move disgusting.

And then, it was banned by China. Lol antichinazi KwongSuzanne The totalitarian regime can’t tolerate different voices and even an online game. Any place that can freely express your opinion is not allowed in China. Btw, Hong Kong people are so creative China can’t even accept jokes in game, lol🤣 The ridiculous Chinese people blamed Joshua Wong for caused the game pulled down instead of blame their authoritarian government. That really makes me laugh 😂😂😂


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