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Myanmar aid workers arrested, intimidated, hurt, Red Cross says

Myanmar aid workers arrested, intimidated, hurt, Red Cross says

1/4/2021 8:03:00 AM

Myanmar aid workers arrested, intimidated, hurt, Red Cross says

GENEVA/KUALA LUMPUR: Myanmar Red Cross workers have been arrested, intimidated and injured on the frontlines as they tried to treat mounting ...

BookmarkGENEVA/KUALA LUMPUR: Myanmar Red Cross workers have been arrested, intimidated and injured on the frontlines as they tried to treat mounting civilian casualties, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) said on Thursday.

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The agency said it was deeply concerned at the growing humanitarian crisis two months after the army seized power. More than 500 civilians have been reported killed as the junta's forces have tried to suppress daily protests.AdvertisementAdvertisement

Myanmar Red Cross teams had provided care for more than 2,000 people, a statement said. They have also been targeted."Myanmar Red Cross first aiders and medics have been wrongfully arrested, intimidated or injured, and Red Cross property and ambulances have been damaged. This is unacceptable," Alexander Matheou, IFRC’s Asia Pacific regional director, said.

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The TRUTH may hurt for a little while, but a LIE hurts forever... Photo Credit Evidence of military terrorists using grenades on unarmed civilians in SeinPan, Mandalay. Even though they committed to ceasefire for a month, they still open fires on civilians. SUPPORT FEDERAL ARMY WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Apr1Coup OpCCP

SUPPORT FEDERAL ARMY WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Apr1Coup RapporteurUn john_hq3 freya_cole DrSasa22222 CNN nytimes smh WSJ MSNBC KBSWorldTV japantimes matthewfsmith UN_HRC CNBC poppymcp USEmbassyBurma KenRoth Reaproy SAdamsR2P shafiur BBCWorld clarissaward tw // blood Due to brutal crackdown on Monywa strike, two more civillians were injured respectively by 1pm. SUPPORT FEDERAL ARMY forceavote MilkTeaAlliance WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Apr1Coup

Myanmar aid workers arrested, intimidated, hurt, Red Cross says

Isn’t this arbitrary arresting of aid workers & healthcare professionals by MilitaryTerrorists Junta CrimesAgainstHumanity? Numbers close to 3000. For some, they’ll release lifeless body without organs. For some, they’ll torture & charge with whatever laws in their mouth. HtetZaw_HZ Now we have to prove it by actions, not by words China is no longer doing what is right

The SAC arrest anyone trying to help the wounded, the elderly and children and those who need food and water. How pathetic are they! Genocide unfolding there, again. Tatmataw is worse than Covid-19 which is vaccine preventable. Now or Never to take international intervention to end violence and restore democracy in Myanmar. Myanmar coup is a Global concern. forceavote MilkTeaAliance WhatsHappeningInMyanmar

Stop support to Myanmar' Junta! it's killing the people's of Myanmar 😅 April 1, Ruby Mart firefighters were shot dead by members of the Terrorist Military Council, and a female train employee was shot dead. The body was confiscated by the military. Witnesses and some train police told the Khit Thit Media. WhatsHappeningInMyanmar April1Coup

Please save unarmed civilians 🙏

Myanmar anti-coup protesters don red 'blood' tearsAround a hundred protesters with red make-up to simulate tears of blood sing together in Myanmar ’s Yangon and march against the military coup. Where were you yahoo, when the whole Myanmar Buddhist community kill, rape and purge the rohingya's. These is karma. The Buddhist knows about karma more than other.

Myanmar protesters paint Yangon red, defying bloody army crackdownYANGON — Opponents of Myanmar 's military junta sprayed red paint on roads in the country's biggest city on Tuesday (April 6) to mark the deaths of hundreds of

Myanmar protesters throw red paint on streetsThey tossed red paint into the streets and near areas where protesters have died, with the paint representing the deceased's' blood. One protester said he hoped to keep motivating others to keep up the demonstration. The red paint strike comes following other campaigns involving flowers and eggs.Despite the killing of at least 564 people by the security forces since the Feb. 1 coup, protesters have come out across the country every day to voice opposition to the overthrow of the elected government led by Aung San Suu Kyi and the return of military rule.

Myanmar protesters paint Yangon red, call for boycott of Water Festival