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30/5/2022 4:16:00 AM

Here are stories you might've missed

Here are stories you might've missed

Here are stories you might've missed

Telegram - Advertisement - PM Lee says it is a good habit to continue wearing masks like in Japan; netizens say discipline is lacking Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who was recently in Japan, observed that the Japanese are “very, very conscientious,” particularly in wearing masks outdoors if feeling unwell.Telegram - Advertisement - Opposition lunch: WP chief Pritam Singh shares ‘delightful’ meal with PSP head Francis Yuen, discovers a common bond Photo: FB screengrab/Pritam Singh When Pritam Singh had lunch recently with Francis Yuen, the two men discovered they had more in common than being heads of opposition parties: Mr Yuen and Mr Singh’s father had been officers in the Singapore Armed Forces at the same time.Beijing poised to play the long game when it comes to Taiwan At least four major stumbling blocks stand in the way of peace negotiations.Telegram - Advertisement - Workers’ Party head Mr Pritam Singh took his two young daughters to the Singapore Army Open House, which is returning after a five-year break.

He noted this was a “good habit” that should also be practised in Singapore, although netizens pointed out that the success of such instinctive behaviour lies with discipline.Man can’t believe lost wallet with $460 is returned; sends good karma to honest person Photo: TikTok screengrab/chrishendoo A man shared in a TikTok video how he received a letter from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) informing him that they had some of his possessions.The WP and the PSP are the only opposition parties with members serving in the current Parliament.After revealing he had lost his wallet with more cash than usual, the man hoped the police notice was for the same reason.About 200m Wolbachia Aedes mosquitoes released from 'mosquito factory' This is part of the agency's fight against dengue in the Republic.Cannabis delivered by mistake, S’pore court acquits man on death row Cannabis/Youtube screengrab The Court of Appeal allowed the appeals of two men on Friday (May 27) as one did not know the nature of the drugs while the other said that the drugs were delivered by mistake.10 Photo: Taken from Google Maps and Facebook page Complaint Singapore Facebook page Complaint Singapore member Prema Sugesh shared with the community on Thursday (May 26) that her mother was feeling unwell, so they booked a Grab to the hospital.Raj Kumar Aiyachami, 40, and Ramadass Punnusamy, 41, were charged over a bag of drugs containing not less than 1.Mr Singh is married to Singaporean theatre practitioner Loveleen Kaur Walia.

875kg of cannabis.10 for this trip,” said Ms Sugesh.READ MORE HERE Singapore lensman Russel Wong on doing 'the right thing' in posting photo of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard The photo, said to be taken at Raffles Hotel in 2015, appears to show discolouration beneath Depp's eye.Ramadass, a Malaysian, had driven a lorry into Singapore and delivered the bag containing the cannabis to Raj, a Singaporean, on Sept 21, 2015.Read more here Three Types of People Who Should Open a Fixed Deposit Account in Singapore When one thinks of putting money into a bank account in Singapore, the first thing that comes to mind might probably be the more well-known savings or current account.”My mother could barely walk, and he stopped her outside NUH, saying that he can’t turn in to the A&E!” added the concerned daughter.However, not all Singaporeans might be aware of the existence of fixed deposit accounts offered by most banks, or even by financial institutions.But first, what exactly are fixed deposit accounts? Fixed deposit accounts are essentially extremely low-risk investments that earn a fixed rate of interest over a fixed amount of time.SDP: Elections Department to make voting easier for select group but system still stacked in PAP’s favour Photo: Taken from Canva.According to the Singapore Army’s Facebook page, tickets for the weekend are already sold out, but there are some slots still available for Monday (May 30).

The interests are paid out at regular intervals, usually quarterly or annually.Read more here OPINION | Anti-abortion communities seem to live in a world where people are saints — living in paradise where no poverty, war & pestilence exist Abortion is not something nice.The gerrymandering and arbitrary formation of Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs) and Single Member Constituencies (SMCs) leave the entire election system very much stacked in the People’s Action Party’s (PAP’s) favour, the party added in a media release.It should never be a substitute for proper contraception.A condom and contraception pills can ensure that unwanted pregnancies don’t happen.Lim Tean to defend activist Gilbert Goh on pro bono basis (free service for public good) in court next week over unlawful assembly charges Photo: FB screengrab/limtean In a Facebook post on Friday morning (May 27), lawyer Lim Tean said he will be representing Mr Gilbert Goh in court starting from Monday next week (May 30).It is better to pay $10 for a packet of condoms than $4,000 for an abortion.There will be a mission-based night walk, an outdoor obstacle course and other hands-on activities to provide visitors with an immersive and exciting experience.

My experience with abortion is personal.Rodent infestations at Pasir Ris & Telok Blangah Crescent, Netizens say reported to NEA but NEA ‘claimed action was taken’ Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore A concern regarding a possible rodent infestation was posted on social media on Friday morning (May 27), the witness noting that the situation was “getting worse.I had to send my then girlfriend for an abortion because she got pregnant, and it was clear that despite her efforts to tell my parents that we’d get married and raise the child, we were in no position to raise a child..Follow us on Social Media Send in your scoops to news@theindependent.

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