Mixing rental and sold flats allows for integration amid increasing economic inequality: Desmond Lee

24/1/2022 4:16:00 PM

Mixing rental and sold flats allows for integration amid increasing economic inequality: Desmond Lee

https://str.sg/wALBSINGAPORE - When policy makers were mulling over including rental flats in new projects under the prime location housing model, there were some who strongly advised against doing so, said National Development Minister Desmond Lee.But he noted that providing amenities and opportunities for people to share and use together can enable those of different socio-economic statuses to mix and intermingle.

"My belief is that will provide the kind of social discourse that we really need to foster proactively in a society where you might see social economic divide, beginning to strain and pull apart," he said during a panel discussion at the Singapore Perspectives 2022 forum organised by the Institute of Policy Studies.

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Please build more rental flat and 2 rooms flat for low income household at private home estate to spread all equal to show the government intention! Agreed that this will help integration but will it also be the reason why the government stop or reduce building these flats if prices don't appreciate and it gets scapegoated as the cause of it.

Then build rental flats in sixth avenue or bukit timah leiiiii. Talk no action for fark.

Trust, stewardship and collective action necessary to build future Singapore, says Desmond Lee

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