Man in China almost dies after inserting live eel into his rectum to cure constipation

28/7/2021 1:01:00 PM

Man in China almost dies after inserting live eel into his rectum to cure constipation

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Poor eel. What did he ever do to deserve this!!! Yeah, “consTIPation” Eel eats almost anything !! FEED includes even discarded animal hard skin. It might come out from his mouth after savouring all body organs. The real question is: was the constipation cured? All the rest are collateral damages. This particular one Which would explain the facial expression. 😂

The eel’s face in this photo says what we’re all thinking… but did it work? An eel? Everyone knows banana slugs are used for constipation. Great. Now we all gotta get Eel Flu. 😵‍💫 Did this cure his constipation tho ?

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😳😳😳 When an eel's up your ass And it makes your life pass That's a moray Man! I bet that eel shocked the shit out of him! The pic looks like the actual one used Aye Fleet Enema people! Y’all need to do some marketing in China. People need to know there is another way! 😬 How to cure constipation Google: Laxatives Bing:

There are much traditional and modern cures. Y he think of this method. Unbelievable. The expression on this moray eel lol this why we finna live longer than men

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I guess desperate time calls for desperate measure (?!) … 1 NerdPokerPod topical? I'm more worried about the 'live' eel. Wasn't exactly his idea. Poor eel. OMG! ... May the force be with the human.. I mean the eel.. 🤣🤣 hahaha, that was funny Even the eel disapproves. ...and then he became Chairman of the Party.

Dunno to cry, laugh or sympathise.

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Chiknees ppl

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