Man charged with drugging 2 more people with sleeping pills to steal from them

Man charged with drugging 2 more people with sleeping pills to steal from them


Man charged with drugging 2 more people with sleeping pills to steal from them

SINGAPORE — A 58-year-old man already facing charges of theft and drugging a woman in order to rob her was handed two more charges on Thursday (Oct 10) — for allegedly doing the same thing to two other people.

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26 years’ jail, caning for man who tried to smuggle 177 cocaine pellets through SingaporeSINGAPORE — In an attempt to avoid being caught smuggling drugs, Andrew John Marsland lied to a security officer at Changi Airport, saying he had a pacemaker in his body so he would not have to walk through the body scanner.

Man fined after boy reports him to station staff for obscene act in MRT toiletSINGAPORE — A man was fined S$4,000 on Tuesday (Oct 8) after a teenager reported him to station staff for performing an obscene act in the toilet of a train station. Good Job! SPEAK OUT, be BRAVE! SELF-PROTECTION! current EDUCATION and JUDICIAL system DYSFUNCTION! have to depend on LUCKS, not the INSTITUTION to get these perpetrators regulated! MONICA BAEY, NUS molesting case, this case, and MANY MORE!

REVIEW: 'Gemini Man' feels like a video game come to lifeThe use of high frame rates for theatrical presentations has always been a little contentious, since many feel that it detracts from the traditional cinematic experience. The standard frame rate for films is 24 frames per second, but Gemini Man comes at you with a whopping 120 frames per second — literally

Security guard jailed for molesting man on train, showing him pornSINGAPORE: A security guard was sentenced to three weeks' jail on Tuesday (Oct 8) for molesting a man on a train after showing him a pornographic ... Wow. Victim gets up of his on free will, then sits next to him and then cries later..... RoosterTease What’s the world coming too.

Man and baby girl taken to hospital after PMD fire at Bukit Batok WestSINGAPORE: A man and an infant were taken to hospital on Tuesday (Oct 8) following a fire likely caused by a personal mobility device (PMD) at ...

Thailand arrests man amid #royalmotorcade controversyBANGKOK: Thai authorities have arrested and charged a man for posting 'inappropriate content' online, cyber police said on Tuesday, as the man's ...

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