Man, 86, jailed for molesting 11-year-old girl and woman on public buses

28/7/2021 8:27:00 AM

Man, 86, jailed for molesting 11-year-old girl and woman on public buses

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Permission to Dance? BTS sing their way through United Nations

NEW YORK — Fully vaccinated South Korean band BTS danced its way through the United Nations (UN) in a Monday (Sept 20) broadcast, promoting global goals tackling poverty, inequality, injustice and climate change ahead of the annual UN gathering of world leaders.

Awok ni kederat tak berapa nak ada pun tak boleh nak kawal napsu lagi ke 🤦🏽‍♀️😡 What is his secret? adehhh pakcik. aku bentes roda kau kang baru ada akai Maybe he is just finding ways to escape from his wife. Lockdown is stressing him. He is old. How did he-....but he's on wheelchair..HOW Someone please…

dah nk mati pun prangai Ykeeeeeeee one push and he gone

Jail for man who threw his infant daughter at police while trying to fleeSINGAPORE: A man who went to a police station to lodge a report ended up throwing his baby at officers while trying to flee. The man was at the ... What. When your daughter grow up, there will be no end to this story tale. 😎 Drug addict didnt use condom sigh ! Brought a child into the world to hurt the child. Why, tell me why.

When in his young years he got no opportunity to be naughty.may be too busy working to earn a living.or his male hormon is more excess in old age due to non release for so long.Being old : give him a counselling to make him realize his folly.being old sometimes can be forgetful. Can’t be caned but can certainly be made very uncomfortable in a jail.

idiots are getting out of hand nowadays!! He is getting younger as he grows older 😂🤣 Because cannot cane him so he dare to do it Must be because of vaccination side effect 😁 Mental health again! His name Chee Koh Peh....haha ! DOM The urge is strong!

A man nearly died from masturbating after his orgasm triggered a brain aneurysmAccording to a case study in the Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases, the patient had an excruciating headache and vomiting after orgasm.

Man with his mask down, alleged also coughed on MRT, netizen shares photoSingapore — A member of the public saw a man with his mask down to his chin and cough while unmasked when she was on board the MRT. She posted about the man in a Facebook group named 'Complaint Singapore' to speak up about his behaviour.

Jail, fine for man who tested positive for Covid-19 after meeting friends during circuit breaker

Man robs iconic Parisian jeweller using stand-up scooter as getaway

Arrest warrant issued for HIV-positive man charged with having sex with 14-year-old girlSINGAPORE — A district judge issued a warrant of arrest for a 41-year-old man on Tuesday (July 27), after he did not turn up for a scheduled court hearing over allegations that he repeatedly had sex with a 14-year-old girl while knowing he had the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).